Universe is a Construct of Time and Space

Let’s talk about Time. Our Universe is a construct of Time and Space. Think about what that means. To have an idea for a Universe is one thing, but to open it up to exist. To open it up to design in, to live in, be active in… Design and plant and develop species in, seed consciousness in… Requires ability to move and stretch and journey. Think about Time and Space as axes that form a grid. Can you see how that harbours an open area for generation of ideas into form, for conscious forms being free to move, journey, interact? Although humans in science have determined rigid measurements of time and space, even they, some of them, in exploring more deeply, in going beyond, are realising that Time and Space are neither Rigid nor unmalleable.

So, Time. Time is usable in far more ways due to its malleability. When you work ‘beneath the hood’s of this Universe, working with Time in it’s more malleable state, or working beyond time, (working from outside of the Universe) are common experiences.

If it inspires you, allow this to open a door of consciousness, it’s your right to know Your Universe!