Cubed Thinking

A cube is something solid, stable, simple, clear and absolute – it is solid because it has six sides – making it complete and encased; it has a stable base, no matter which of it’s sides is used as the base; it is simple because it is reliable, each side has equal presence, stability and solidness to each other side; it is clear because it is so simple and absolute because it is reliable.

A cubed thought can be described as a solid, stable, clear and absolute thought. It makes sense, it’s reliable, you count on it and it supports the journey you are on, the life you are living, the thinking you are expanding into or are living with. A cubed thought is a powerful stepping stone if you remain separated from it.

There is a potential issue with cubed thinking – you can become encased within the cube. If the thought is enticing enough to you, if you are not careful, you can climb into the thought and become limited by it – you are in the cube and the walls of the cube are your boundaries. You can see this in black and white thinking, fundamentalism and any other locked-in, rigid thinking you notice.

Cubed ideas are clear ideas, ideas you rely on. They are stepping stones because they hold the ‘penny drops’, they support your awakening in some way, create those ‘aha’ moments. If you can realise that those ideas, thoughts (or books, teachers, courses, skills etc) may be short term or long term, but they are a tool, rather than the definition of you, then those cubed ideas remain useful. The difference between maintaining a separated consciousness from the journey of your thinking, is in recognising that the journey (and the cubed thoughts or steps you walk on) is not You, but the pathway to You. ❤ Daniella

Your Unique Rhythm

You, the being that you are, your soul, your heart, your relationship with Light, your body, You have your own flow, your own rhythm. The soul damage and dark systems your soul carries generates, these things dictate when you need to do deep work. If you don’t already know it, learn your rhythms. Learn your cycles and flows. They may not makes sense according to calendars and clocks, planetary movements and gateway activity, but when you get the hang of your flows, they will make sense to you. As you move through your ascension journey, the external systems will become decreasingly relevant to your identity and self awareness, instead, you will find yourself standing in alignment with streaming Christlight, and you will be in a beautiful dance to your own rhythm. One that only you are hearing. Amazingly, when you look up, you may notice that more and more people, are each in their own dance, and that together, the choreography is spectacular. Listen, feel your flow.

Light Consciousness vs Dark Avoidance

There is the state of ‘Developing Light Consciousness’, and then there is the state of ‘Dark Avoidance’. Although the second can appear very much like the first, the two are very different conditions. The first is about building stability by expanding in consciousness and recovering aspects of self distorted and that which is claimed and commandeered by darkness. The second state of consciousness is withdrawing from the dark distorted mess that lies beneath. Some build many layers of light between their conscious presence and the deeper soul damage (where they can), however the avoidance won’t last, all that is left has to rise to be undone. This work is coming and yes you will be supported in the ensuing work. Just do your best to assess your current state of consciousness so that you are strong and prepared.

In Honour, Daniella