Why Life’s Problems Aren’t Resolved

If you are lonely, unhappy, away or disconnected from loved ones, unable to connect, in poverty or financial struggle long term, if the shape of your life is ‘not right’, and none of the 3D and 4D tools, therapies, concepts or beliefs you’ve tried have been able to resolve it, do not be concerned. This is the Tangle. This is Distortion. While 4D systems can be comforting, and provide tools that ease your mind and help you to manage life better, they don’t fix the Tangle. The┬áTangle is a very different thing to what 4D consciousness believes it to be and targets. That is why it has minimal success but not ultimate success. The Distortion is massive and humanity has started rising out of it but it’s going to take some time. You are not alone. You are supported. You will return home. Home is where your life is for You. As You choose it to be. As You Design it to be. It will become the foundation for your Creative Space. The answers and solutions will unfold for you – you’ll see.