Leaving the Old World System

Did you know that when you see something offensive or dishonest on Facebook, and comment on it, it only serves to increase its viewership? The more attention you give it, the more activity of any kind it gets, even negative, the more popularity and therefore viewership it receives. The creators of these vile or outrageous campaigns count on the angry reactions to significantly increase their viewership.

And so it is with the dark systems of the world. Raging at the machine and it’s dark ways, just increases its existence. It can be difficult to imagine not screaming about the terrible and dark things in the world, to not try to rescue, halt, prevent the obscene and senseless suffering that is forced on humanity, the animal realm, nature, and Earth herself. And yet, that is precisely what I advise you to do. I am offering you my awareness of this subject. Of course, I honour what you choose to do with it, I just invite you to keep an open mind to the possibility of its truth. And the Truth is this.

Humanity has yet to ascend and transition to the new World System. Whilst anchored in the old system, there is limited ability to recognise the real condition. The foundation upon which we stand is heavily corrupted and permanently damaged. It is not fixable. To work on any change, within the old system, you must put an enormous amount of attention on the dark systems, which is just what darkness wants you to do. Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. So although you may feel as though you’re doing something to positively alter conditions, were you to see the big picture you would see that it is regenerating the dark.

Please note, this is not shared to inhibit you, nor to fear or guilt trap you into the choice I share. It is merely to share consciousness that is ultimately healing for all. This is the way to heal and recover humanity. By optimising your consciousness in light, by aligning your field and state of mind with Light, and the transcension of the Lower Tangle, and ultimately the Ascension to the new world system, you are disengaging from all distortion. No longer contributing to any of it. No longer feeding the suffering, the torment. You are instead, aligning with and building a new way for All. In the deepest love, Daniella.