Stability Ability

Things get rocky. Things get rocky because there is light hitting dark tangle which stirs up. Things get rocky because this is ascension. Things get rocky. Developing your Stability Ability is critical in these times.

1. Heart Light Alignment – the deeper you go, the longer you spend in your heart light, the more regularly you do it, the stronger your presence with it becomes so that when things get crazy, it’s your perfect, ‘go to’ tool!

2. Meditation – You know how it goes by now – the more you train your mind into the condition of stillness, the greater your stillness factor is. Not too difficult to grasp really!

3. Detach, Stand Free, Expand Beyond – any craziness that is going on in your life and in the world. This takes practice, a lot of practice. It takes practice and it’s more difficult the more personal it is to you.

Of course none of this is mind blowing information – it’s been around for a long time. But these times it warrants repeating a lot. With details. In triplicate!

Deep in the Center of You Heart

Deep in the center of your heart, is the most beautiful spinning ball of light.


It spins so smoothly, that it is difficult to tell if it’s spinning at all, but it is.


In the center of the ball is a brilliant spark of light, a star, eternal and strong.


This star is the ultimate sacred Truth of You. It exists beyond soul, beyond universe, it exists to the highest state of Consciousness – it is God.


There are many different fairy tales, stories on Earth, designed to keep humanity going in dark times, designed to fool humanity into handing it’s power over to darkness, thinly veiled as light, but this internal, eternal light is incorruptible – and it is You. Deepen your presence with this light, and you will become stronger. 


In the deepest Light, Daniella Breen

Align With Light

To move beyond the terrible things going on around you, or in the world, become present with the Light of your Heart. Let go of thought and breath as you hold presence with your internal light. Understand that the mess the world is in shall not hold. The ugliness and brutality of darkness and what it generates shall not be maintained. There are God Level Measures that shall soon be unfolding, you shall soon begin learning about them. Become willing to allow that to be the solution. In the meantime, align with your heart light and breathe.

In the deepest honour, Daniella