Your Form, Your Steering Wheel

If your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!

Your Form gets battered around a lot with the energy flows and storms throughout the Universe, humanity, the world and your very own soul. Becoming Master of your Form is the solution to minimising this impact on your form (if your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!). Minimising the impact on your form means minimising the impact on you and your life.

The Advanced Psychic Training sessions are 100% designed to train you how to Hold Your Hands Firmly on your Steering Wheel. How to Master your Form and your Life. APT commences in February and runs every first and third Sunday (USA), Monday (Aust) of each month. Each session is $20AUD ($14US). Training involves operating and working directly in your form including your Chakras and fields. You are meant to become a master of your Form.

This is a significant and very real part of what you require to return Home. Join us and make your form Strong and Stable.

Expanding From the Tightest Places

For a long time, it was very difficult to expand in consciousness, it could be done, but not by many. In recent years however, changes have been made, the first of many, that enables those who are ready to rise up, expand in consciousness, go deeper into the higher dimensions and realms, and access more information, awareness. Also, to heal more of the soul and the self, and all healing allows for more Light consciousness.

  • There are more expansion releases to be done.
  • There is more consciousness to be expanded into.
  • There is much more light, joy, love and fulfillment to ‘be’ of.

Sometimes, expansion requires letting go of old ideas and beliefs. Some of those conditions are hard fought for and much treasured and so it can take some time and marinating in greater truth in order to hear the light and un-cling from the old beliefs and concepts. For some of you, having placed yourself outside of safe havens of family, community and societal patterns, because they no longer fitted your ascending awareness, you have had to hold fast to your newly developing consciousness – so that in some ways the new replaced the old home. It can be very difficult to then come to terms with the idea that what you stepped into was just a stepping stone rather than the absolute Truth. Yet, that is what awakening is.

Having been crushed down in the smallest space, all of humanity interacting with each other in such limited consciousness for so long, at least the first stage of awakening involves stepping from one rigid set of beliefs to another more freeing set of rigid beliefs, and then as the light gently massages your battered and bruised consciousness, new, greater truths emerge that help you to step towards an ever expanding Truth, sometimes rewriting the very foundation Truths you had come to rely on.

With all of that, You Are Doing This – and it’s amazing and wonderful that you are. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to let go of some things, it’s understandable – I have yet to work with one individual on this journey who I don’t deem as Traumatised. You Are Sacred and Expanding in Consciousness and Returning Home. There is nothing left for you to do but Be On This Journey. Keep being present.

In the highest honour, Daniella.

Soul Wounding

When people are shallow, or behave in shallow ways, or vicious, and behave in vicious ways, or disempowered and behave in powerless ways, it is an indication of strong soul wounding. When a severe trauma occurs, the soul can partially tear away from the person. Where the tear occurs, the wounding reflects the trauma. When the wounding is triggered, the person is operating from the raw wound instead of the infinite depth of the soul and the Light that flows there.

When you are aware of someone operating from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), understand that they are operating from a soul wound rather than their soul. Most people have some degree of soul wounding, for them, their wounding in the soul field can be healed. However, for some people, all they have is wounding, no soul, it has entirely torn away, and therefore, no direct access to light. Once upon a time these people were known as Dark Souls, but now they are known as Homeless Ones, because they have no home to return to, they cannot be healed.

In the time of Darkness, Darkness would occupy these wounded holes, called Gateways, in the soul field and build systems and generate populations of dark entities to operate them. The intention was always to enslave humanity and take over the World (which it did). As someone who has participated in and witnessed the shutting down of many systems and entity populations of darkness, I can tell you Darkness did an extremely thorough job.

For the past few years, we have been living in the Post Darkness Age – however most of the systems and even the populations of entities, built by Darkness, continue to operate and continue to be cleared by skilled technicians in Spirit (non human). There also continue to be humans, Homeless Ones, who were once puppeteered entirely by Darkness, and who are now operating based on what Darkness built into them, wiring, training, etc, driven by the assumption that Darkness remains. I remember seeing the shock and fear on the face of a Homeless One when I announced that Darkness was dead – (Darkness isn’t dead, it is just no longer allowed for here in this Universe) but I was speaking spontaneously to someone who had done some terrible things and it hit hard.

The wounding of those who continue to have soul connection, will need to have their soul wounding cleared and shut down to support their Ascension Home. You will be supported in this however, it is going to take time and will be occurring in a number of different ways.

Please, if you are ready, read this thoroughly. Understand that the awakening that is required for ascension includes the clear remembrance of what you have been through and how it all went down. When you are ready, be prepared to learn the Truths that have been temporarily lost or hidden from humanity for so long.

🙏 With the deepest honour and respect, Daniella.

Levels of Consciousness Vary

This is important to understand. People often assume that they are operating at one single frequency, one level of consciousness, one level of awareness. However, it’s very different from that. There can be aspects of your consciousness that are very high level, in higher dimensions, and other aspects (even in the same subject or area of life), where your consciousness is quite low. Because there are all kind of factors that influence your ideas of life, the world and living, you can think that you’re really nailed it, very strong and high in consciousness, and yet, be operating in much lower consciousness than you ever imagined.

The great thing about being in Ascension, is that the move is constant and absolute. It is not going to stop until all who can ascend, are ascended. This means that you may level out from time to time for a while, however, the movement will take you onward fairly soon.

It’s important to realise that currently, although the Ascension movement has been underway, there has been a condition of waiting for many – I know some of the women I have been working with are aware of little or no movement – there’s a reason for this, you are moving into a time of deeper support. This new level, this new time will enable movement and clearing at deeper levels that were deemed not to be touched until the new level of support came through.

Understand that you are not doing this on your own. Soon, new levels of Light will show and be present and support you homeward.

The deepest love and honour, Daniella.


Healing is required beyond where you are now.

Healing is required beyond what you define yourself to be as an individual.

Healing is required by you at the level of Humanity.

As you rise in light and consciousness, new tangles are going to show themselves. The more light you have, the more the light shows tangles that you didn’t know were there. If you haven’t already begun experiencing this, you will.

You will become aware of issues, you thought were just life. This will happen because your ascension has you rising, and you begin pulling on threads of lower condition, lower tangle that you didn’t recognise as anything at all.

There is coming a time of the lifting of veils, misleads, distortions. Some of these were placed there by darkness, and some by light. Don’t be concerned, Light designed and holds this Universe, and Light is ultimately in charge. The Veils were important, but soon will no longer be necessary.

You Are Ascending. You will soon experience the Tangle in ways that Humanity has not known. Prior to Ascension, people could clear only so far, rise only so much, untangle only so much, however now, a great system that limited the human rise has been lifted and now people are rising far beyond. Consciousness is rising and many are expanding into 5D. There have always been a few who have been present and conscious at 5D amongst humanity, but they were the exception. But not to this degree, this prevalent, this is new.

Awakening is a journey. It is not a one time flick of a switch. It is not even just one level of expansion. It is a remembering, a recovering, and there is so much to go. Believe me this is a wonderful thing, not that you don’t remember, but that you will.

The leaving of the tangle is a massive journey and one that humanity is increasingly moving into. It removes what darkness developed, generated, so much more than humanity is aware of, and replaces it with light, recovery, strength. As one who has worked as Light in the depths of the dark realms for a long time, I can say, without question that what is known or understood about darkness and what it has done is infinitesimally small as compared to what it actually is and what it actually has done. Please understand – this is not designed to fear, you are now safe from darkness – the deed is done – I will share what has come to pass by Authority of God. In Ascension you will come to know the Truth – but you won’t need to get into the details, the toxicity other than what may be relevant to you and your soul.

The unfoldment is gearing up, there will be times when it will be overwhelming (I hear you say, it already is like that and I agree). However, the support is deepening, and shall go far beyond what has been and what is now. The very river of light upon which your consciousness flows will deepen, rise and align in a way that humanity will truly be relieved and grateful for.

It is coming. I promise. 🙏💗 Daniella

Light Workers and Authority

Lightwork. A lot of different kind of work comes under the broad banner of Lightworker. All of it is relevant and important, all of it involves increasing and stabilising light quotient in various ways. There is a hierarchy in Light Work, supported by a complex multi-level, multi-realm system of light beings based both within and beyond the Universe.

Humans hold a certain unique authority in regards to Lightwork being done on humans. A human must be present for Lightwork to be done. This is due to the Free Will design of this Universe. Work on human systems requires human approval. Understand that in order to work with Light beings, Light Technicians in the vast and complex systems of the Universe, including the systems of the Human Race, and of Earth, you must develop consciousness and then be aligned in authority with Light systems from beyond the human system. You can’t just wish it so, and few are able to develop the higher levels of authority. In fact, for some levels, only specific individuals, who came into this life with the authority already present (but not activated), will ever reach such levels of Lightwork.

I spoke of the complex Light System of Light Beings that hold the Lightwork ‘Industry’, (meaning organised and designed productivity to fulfil intentions), it is this system and the Lightbeings in their authority that will recognise your potential level of authority and design a program to support you into your purpose. They will guide you to the right training and teachers to help you on your way. Your spirit guides are a big part of that work.

There is so much more to share about in this subject, and as it is a core focus of this group (alongside ascension), I will be anchoring more consciousness about this.

Your Unique Rhythm

You, the being that you are, your soul, your heart, your relationship with Light, your body, You have your own flow, your own rhythm. The soul damage and dark systems your soul carries generates, these things dictate when you need to do deep work. If you don’t already know it, learn your rhythms. Learn your cycles and flows. They may not makes sense according to calendars and clocks, planetary movements and gateway activity, but when you get the hang of your flows, they will make sense to you. As you move through your ascension journey, the external systems will become decreasingly relevant to your identity and self awareness, instead, you will find yourself standing in alignment with streaming Christlight, and you will be in a beautiful dance to your own rhythm. One that only you are hearing. Amazingly, when you look up, you may notice that more and more people, are each in their own dance, and that together, the choreography is spectacular. Listen, feel your flow.

About Distortion

To try and explain distortion is difficult. Rather than the storyline flowing along step-by-step, static or gif-like packets of information are presented, sometimes like loud punches, and they come with emotional influencers. They are completely believable simply because we assume that whatever presents to our face is reality. We can’t imagine that if someone tells us something to our face that it could be distortion. Understand, I am not talking about them lying, I am talking about reality being distorted so that what is coming from that person is not what they would choose to say in their undistorted consciousness. There is so much to say and share about this subject but it’s not an easy subject to explain, or to convince. What I will say is this…. Distortion is really happening, and when you grasp that it and let go of the concrete 3D concept of reality, you are making things easier on yourself. Understanding that Ascension includes leaving the condition of distortion. Forever. If you don’t recognise distortion in your personal life or the world in general, you may do someday. Either way, be at ease because as ascending human beings, you are on the move beyond distortion

In Honour, Daniella

To Not Rage At The Machine

Think about the judgment projected onto others. Especially when others are doing things that you find abhorrent. How easy is it to scream, at abuse, dark behaviour and choices that others appear to make that cause harm to the vulnerable. How difficult is it to instead hold your choice, not scream, not even on the inside.

But here’s the thing. You have no comprehension what another is going through. The dark tangle and just how deeply it runs humans is beyond comprehension. Some people have been so violated that they are 100% run by darkness. They have zero free will. I am sorry but it is true. All people, even you, are run by darkness in ways you will never understand until you are free of the lower system and completely Home and Whole.

Can you disengage from the battle? Can you instead choose commitment to ascension? Can you choose to express and hold your choice for the sovereignty of the individual, be they adult, elder or child, human, animal or other, even Earth? This can be easier in the abstract theory than in the living of it. But if you understand and remain committed to the theory, then developing your alignment in life will grow.

I have been working on this for years. I improve but still have moments when I see, for example, a child violated until their light is completely and deliberately destroyed. I have battled and lost, my rage taking over, even when I know the human perpetrators have long lost their free will. Even when I know that darkness is to blame. Even when I know there is no truth in my rage. But I do return to the truth. For one single reason. The truth is the solution.

The blame and rage are attractive to darkness because they keep you engaged in the distortion. Disengaging from distortion and holding in your light becomes stronger as you continue to build your intention to do so. Stronger as your comprehension develops and expands. If I can impress upon you this clear single fact… Choose to disengage from the battle. Choose no judgement. Choose the passionate but not angry holding for sovereignty. Not for moral higher ground. Not for self righteousness. But because it is where the answers lie. It is the solution. It will end the violence and degradation of all beings. This is Truth! Love, Daniella.