Cubed Thinking

A cube is something solid, stable, simple, clear and absolute – it is solid because it has six sides – making it complete and encased; it has a stable base, no matter which of it’s sides is used as the base; it is simple because it is reliable, each side has equal presence, stability and solidness to each other side; it is clear because it is so simple and absolute because it is reliable.

A cubed thought can be described as a solid, stable, clear and absolute thought. It makes sense, it’s reliable, you count on it and it supports the journey you are on, the life you are living, the thinking you are expanding into or are living with. A cubed thought is a powerful stepping stone if you remain separated from it.

There is a potential issue with cubed thinking – you can become encased within the cube. If the thought is enticing enough to you, if you are not careful, you can climb into the thought and become limited by it – you are in the cube and the walls of the cube are your boundaries. You can see this in black and white thinking, fundamentalism and any other locked-in, rigid thinking you notice.

Cubed ideas are clear ideas, ideas you rely on. They are stepping stones because they hold the ‘penny drops’, they support your awakening in some way, create those ‘aha’ moments. If you can realise that those ideas, thoughts (or books, teachers, courses, skills etc) may be short term or long term, but they are a tool, rather than the definition of you, then those cubed ideas remain useful. The difference between maintaining a separated consciousness from the journey of your thinking, is in recognising that the journey (and the cubed thoughts or steps you walk on) is not You, but the pathway to You. ❤ Daniella

The Systems of Consciousness

Consider This!

  1. Dimensions – Each one a state of consciousness that provides a completely different foundation for the definitions of The World, Earth, Reality, The Universe.
  2. Paradigms – Systems of collective consciousness that you move into and outgrow. Vast and impressive.
  3. Frameworks of Consciousness – Personal belief structures that grow and change (for some their hidden wounding results in rigid and stagnant frameworks until healing allows for shifting). These structures exist within Paradigms and allow for functionality in life and Light Practice at most levels. Some degree of framework consciousness tends towards fear, blocking and distortion and so limits the functionality and growth.

Over time of shifting and growth, you can learn to relate to these definitions and use them as maps to determine how you are going through your Ascension Expansion. Being open to there being a reality beyond where you are operating and being open to expanding into it, is a powerful state of Consciousness in terms of supporting your Ascension and expanding into The Ultimate Sacred Truth of All That You Are. Be open to expanding upward, outward and Beyond where you are. Don’t hold so rigidly to your current beliefs that you become unwilling to allow your Consciousness to guide you Beyond. You are rising, Support the Rise. 💗🙏 Daniella.

Levels of Consciousness Vary

This is important to understand. People often assume that they are operating at one single frequency, one level of consciousness, one level of awareness. However, it’s very different from that. There can be aspects of your consciousness that are very high level, in higher dimensions, and other aspects (even in the same subject or area of life), where your consciousness is quite low. Because there are all kind of factors that influence your ideas of life, the world and living, you can think that you’re really nailed it, very strong and high in consciousness, and yet, be operating in much lower consciousness than you ever imagined.

The great thing about being in Ascension, is that the move is constant and absolute. It is not going to stop until all who can ascend, are ascended. This means that you may level out from time to time for a while, however, the movement will take you onward fairly soon.

It’s important to realise that currently, although the Ascension movement has been underway, there has been a condition of waiting for many – I know some of the women I have been working with are aware of little or no movement – there’s a reason for this, you are moving into a time of deeper support. This new level, this new time will enable movement and clearing at deeper levels that were deemed not to be touched until the new level of support came through.

Understand that you are not doing this on your own. Soon, new levels of Light will show and be present and support you homeward.

The deepest love and honour, Daniella.

Paradigm Shifting

Holding is a long term thing. It is what you choose for yourself, for the world. Sharing High Consciousness is the same. Essentially you are anchoring concepts from a more expanded paradigm. You can never be responsible for people expanding into new paradigms, it is their journey. But you can support them and expedite their flow. So you hold them in light by sharing consciousness, knowing that ultimately it is freeing and strengthening because the Truth is where the answers lie.

Holding changes life. It holds light where darkness has a stronghold. It holds light until Light Authority is restored. In humanity, all light authority will be restored.

In this Free Will Universe, Light designed the Human Race, but does not enslave or hold humans to choosing Light. It must be your choice, not just to choose Light, but to learn what that means. Humanity is buried deep in slumber for a long time. Awakening is slowly happening and this is good, but it’s like a needle in a haystack. We shift and expand into a greater paradigm and all of the pieces fall into place and we think, “Ah, this is it, the answers lie here!”. But over time we outgrow that paradigm as we expand, like a turtle outgrowing it’s shell, we struggle with the vulnerability of shedding what we knew, what was safe and comfortable and once empowering. It will unfold though. The journey of Ascension, the paradigm stepping, you open to the expansion and awakening of it all for one simple reason… You Choose Light! 🙏

In Honour, Daniella.

Giftedness, Skill and Consciousness

There is giftedness, talent, tendencies and aptitudes. Then there is the developmental work, the effort, training. Finally there is the consciousness expansion and raising of, expanding in paradigms. These three individual factors build on each other. If someone is not present in each one, and conscious seeking to expand in skill and consciousness, they’re missing out.

A gift is not automatically a skill, it requires ongoing development. Skill even in practical application is not all that is required for consciousness. Expanding consciousness changes and develops skill and opens awareness to gifts previously unrecognised.

You can have them all far beyond your current imaginings. Be open to ideas beyond your current frameworks, to allow for expansion to greater paradigms. These expanded paradigms are supporting your soul purpose and ascension both.

In Honour, Daniella

To Not Rage At The Machine

Think about the judgment projected onto others. Especially when others are doing things that you find abhorrent. How easy is it to scream, at abuse, dark behaviour and choices that others appear to make that cause harm to the vulnerable. How difficult is it to instead hold your choice, not scream, not even on the inside.

But here’s the thing. You have no comprehension what another is going through. The dark tangle and just how deeply it runs humans is beyond comprehension. Some people have been so violated that they are 100% run by darkness. They have zero free will. I am sorry but it is true. All people, even you, are run by darkness in ways you will never understand until you are free of the lower system and completely Home and Whole.

Can you disengage from the battle? Can you instead choose commitment to ascension? Can you choose to express and hold your choice for the sovereignty of the individual, be they adult, elder or child, human, animal or other, even Earth? This can be easier in the abstract theory than in the living of it. But if you understand and remain committed to the theory, then developing your alignment in life will grow.

I have been working on this for years. I improve but still have moments when I see, for example, a child violated until their light is completely and deliberately destroyed. I have battled and lost, my rage taking over, even when I know the human perpetrators have long lost their free will. Even when I know that darkness is to blame. Even when I know there is no truth in my rage. But I do return to the truth. For one single reason. The truth is the solution.

The blame and rage are attractive to darkness because they keep you engaged in the distortion. Disengaging from distortion and holding in your light becomes stronger as you continue to build your intention to do so. Stronger as your comprehension develops and expands. If I can impress upon you this clear single fact… Choose to disengage from the battle. Choose no judgement. Choose the passionate but not angry holding for sovereignty. Not for moral higher ground. Not for self righteousness. But because it is where the answers lie. It is the solution. It will end the violence and degradation of all beings. This is Truth! Love, Daniella.