The Light Show: A Whole New Way of Light!

It began as a recognition that I was so focused on clearing distortion and strengthening Form, that I had left behind the most spectacular, the most significant, by FAR the Most Important Part…. The Light.

Not that I hadn’t been working with Light, and training everyone with it, but that I hadn’t paid it the attention it deserved! So that got me thinking, how exactly did I want to do this work? I decided that I wanted to hold an ‘open to the public’, 1 hour anchoring and Holding of Light that everyone could participate in no matter what their skill and experience level.

I have been noticing over the years, the way that Distortion has been fragmenting, fracturing the Light Holder Community of Humanity. There was nothing to be done about that – Distortion is up to everyone to clear, recognise and free themselves from. However, A Light Show, a Radio Show throughout which we gather together to Hold the Light for 1 hour – no other agenda, no bias, nothing for distortion to distort – just Holding the Light, That we can do.

So here it is. Already there have been two shows – 1. A Test Run and 2. the First Show. At this point, it holds for 1 hour, once a month. Are you interested? You can check out the playbacks of these two shows, here:

Check it out and if you are interested in Holding Light for Humanity, the World, Yourself and Earth, make sure you come along to our next Live episode of The Light Show

USA, PST (San Francisco) – 3pm, Monday, 8th December, 2020;

Australia, (Tasmania) GMT+11, 10am, 9th December, 2020.

I am really looking forward to seeing you there in just a few weeks!

In Light, Daniella Breen

The Consciousness of Water

I spoke of Dr Emoto and his amazing work with water and how it fundamentally altered by positive vs negative words and intentions. So while we are focusing on the beautiful element Water, I will repeatedly remind you (despite you already knowing), that the human body is 70% water. So be conscious of what you speak, of your attitudes and what you’re absorbing from around you. If you are aware of trauma, issues, interference, distortion, clear what you can, turn and face it, develop your skills, get the work done, clear out those buried vibrations because they are impacting you.

In Honour, Daniella

Journalling in Ascension

Journalling is a big subject, there are many ways in which it can be useful, even imperative to the Ascension journey. So here’s the how and the why.

So we’ve talked about the need for tools and skills, consciousness and commitment throughout the ascension journey. Journalling is a basic and powerful tool to have if you use it well. You may already be journalling and if so, that’s great, you may find this article useful to expand or otherwise direct your journal writing to support you more deeply on this journey. If you are a newcomer to journalling, here’s what I recommend you do – grab a big notebook, and start writing – take up one idea here and work with it for a while, once you’ve developed a flow with that work, then add another idea that attracts you and work with that as well. It may become overwhelming at times but keep working with it all as it supports you in this powerful time of history.

What To Use

I recommend the old fashioned pens and blank notebook. Of course use lined if you prefer, however I find that the blank unlined visual arts diaries to be great if you want to get creative with imagery, draw something you’re visualising or you saw in a dream for example, it provides greater scope or freedom to express in different ways. Of course some may prefer to keep a diary on a computer or a blog on line etc, however, there is something very healing even clearing about hand writing everything down – as though the ink itself draws out the clutter from your field and releases it to the page. Of course, do what works best for you. Colour pens, beautiful calligraphy, cut outs from magazines, everything can be included, it’s up to you, but for my choice, it’s primarily words on blank clean white paper.

Types of Journalling


A lot goes on in daily life, if you have taken to working on your wounding or personal journey, so much more comes up. Writing out whatever it is you are going through, helps to clarify perspective, untangle thoughts and ideas, and build new levels of understanding, that is why journalling is highly regarded in therapeutic work. It helps process the clutter in the mind. So consider Ascension in some ways a much bigger version of this personal work. One aspect of Ascension is the clearing out of lifetimes of garbage, wounding, and distorted beliefs and ideas based on foundations of false consciousness. You will find (if you haven’t already) that unravelling all the mess as it comes up enables you to easily let go of things that have unknowingly run your life in a way that has never really worked for you. This is processing.


New ideas, new information, new concepts, new learnings are coming in all the time. Paradigms of thinking come and go fairly quickly in Ascension and writing about it, helps to explore what you’re hearing or even receiving in your psychic consciousness and expand, let go of old ideas or integrate different aspects of thought together. It allows you to deepen the concepts you are exploring and also make leaps of perspective expanding your awareness in these new ideas as you go. As long as you don’t attach too deeply – in other words be willing to move beyond or let go of that which you are exploring as quickly as it comes because sometimes, that’s exactly the point – just a stepping stone to a whole other reality. This is a powerful way to use journalling.

Consciousness Streaming

The next level to (and often intertwined with) Learning, is working with Consciousness Streaming, often identified as Automatic Writing. This is where you have stepped into an idea that you’ve read or heard about, and the idea has taken hold. You leap from concept to concept with it and have difficulty keeping up. Once you begin writing it down, you can ask questions that open different doors of info, write down the flow as it comes and then ask another question and so on. Consciousness Streaming is based on the awareness that Everything is Consciousness. You may have heard that Everything is Energy right? Well All Energy is Consciousness. There is consciousness about Everything out there in the Universe, out there in the Human Collective Consciousness and other formats of Consciousness. You can access these places, these Streams of Consciousness and open the streams to learn more and more. Once you get the hang of it, it can be a powerful tool. How do you get started, begin by working with Beings of Light – asking them questions and receiving the answers, writing them down.

Dream Journals

You may have heard that your dreams provide a bounty of information if you know how to read them, well it’s true. Recording your dreams every morning enables you to remember them more clearly as well as have a record of your dreams that you can work with and refer back to in the future (some dreams have sequences or even chapters). Dreams provide psychological as well as metaphysical and spiritual information that becomes very helpful on this journey.

Gratitude Journal

Ascension can get rough. Really rough at times, and a gratitude journal is one of the strengthening, positive ways that you can use to program your consciousness into higher frequencies. Essentially, at the end of the day you list five things that you are grateful for that day. Five things that bring you joy, or solace, or comfort and peace.

So yes, of course this is just the tip of the iceberg and I may return to this subject and write more deeply on different individual tools but for now, hopefully, this will inspire you to go deep with your Ascension Journal!!

Daniella Breen is an Ascension Wayshower, Mentor and Teacher.

In The Rough

In this article, I want to focus on dealing with being in the Rough of the Ascension Journey. There is a definite way to go about this journey that both accelerates it and makes it easier – not that it’s easy, not that it’s quick!

The first thing I want to maintain, as I often do, is that the Ascension Journey is a marathon. Expect it to be. Pace yourself and plan for the long haul by developing skill, tools and consciousness that will help you along the way. Here are some suggestions of what is critical to your self management during this journey.

  1. Build your awareness and skill with your field. This isn’t going to work unless you buckle down and do it consistently. Do the work daily, even twice daily. The focus you need is intention, commitment and imagination (remember that imagination is NOT make-believe!). Work such as auric field shielding and chakra clearing and balancing is excellent in getting you into your field. Pay attention because you should start feeling it after a while.
  2. Heart Alignment: There is a light in the center of your heart – go to it, enter into it, be still, peaceful and enjoy the utter stillness of this beautiful place. The more you go there, the deeper you can go, and the more it informs your state of mind and field.
  3. Surround yourself, your home, your Facebook page, etc, with beautiful images, artwork, photographs, words, ideas. If you find the Facebook feed is too anxious, angry, negative, distressed, then build up your own page and just go there. Also, if you belong to a group or specific pages that you love, attend and participate in those places regularly.
  4. Nature. Nature is healing. Go there. Sit bare skinned on the ground, lie, on the Earth be it beach sand or dark soil and allow your fields connection with the soil to balance you out on all levels. It will heal you.
  5. Commune with Like-minded peaceful friends. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets to help level each other out. Enjoy those who get you.
  6. Develop your relationship with Light Guides. If you don’t know who yours are, Talk to your Heart Light and wait for the return answers. It has great consciousness to share with you. It is, after all, you at the most high level of light.

There are so many tools and means of holding your light in turbulent conditions. Build your skill with these tools and others that work for you, so that when times get rough, you can count heavily on your deepening mastery to smooth the way.

Empath: Psychic Presence

There is much written about the Psychic Empath. That individual who is so psychically sensitive that they are able to pick up on others very easily, their feelings and their ideas. I have been teaching about Empathic sensitivity for a long time and in this article I want to focus on what an Empath is in greater detail.

If you identify as an Empath,

  • You may feel others feelings and even thoughts almost as readily as you do your own;
  • You may become overwhelmed in a place where there’s a lot of people, such as a shopping center or a pub;
  • You might quickly lose your point of view when in the company of someone else with an opposing point of view, and then regain your point of view once you’ve separated from their presence;
  • You may find that your compassion has too much power over you when you are around someone who behaves badly but you feel their isolation or loneliness or even just why they are behaving the way they do;
  • You may even have a sensitivity to Earth Herself, earthquakes, massive storms and other dramatic natural events.
  • You may suffer from headaches, body pain, depression, fear and anxiety, overwhelm, and more as a direct result from being so vulnerable to the massive downloads of psychic information bombarding your field.

Sound like you? Good, read on.

There is much you can do to reduce the suffering side of being an Empath and once you have found what works for you, you can build your psychic strength until the Empathic State becomes a powerful tool.

Let’s start with some critical primary information. It is the lack of understanding of Psychic Presence that causes the problems with Empathic sensitivity. Once upon a time, every individual was raised with a much clearer understanding of psychic presence, their field and how to manage it – It was not always exclusive to specific individuals, but this time has been long forgotten. Nowadays people are raised with a lack of awareness of the complexity and depth of the human energy system. This system is a highly tuned multi-level system of portals and fields and requires your consciousness, presence and skill to maintain it. Because that hasn’t been happening, individuals are going through life without protection, clearing, strong definition of their field and therefore their daily life.

When you are so open, you are vulnerable to others, you are open to all kinds of emotional and mental noise from the rest of the world, and over time, you can lose your sense of self definition, your field becomes misshapened and blurred and the clarity between yourself and everyone degenerates. So primarily, this needs to be rebuilt. There are a number of ways to do that.

  1. Mindfulness. Spend time with yourself – journal about what you believe in, what you know to be true, what you hold as your choice for you, about the world. This isn’t about arguing with others, it’s not about convincing others to agree with you, it’s about becoming stronger and stronger about holding the clarity of You. If you are around others or reading others material, and you find yourself blurring, stop what you are doing and ask yourself the question – is this about hearing an idea that changes your mind or are you picking up on another individuals passion and being swayed by that? Depending on the answer, re-align with your truth and get strong!
  2. Define your field. Imagine your auric field is shaped like a giant egg – broader at the base, pointier at the top, wider than your arms stretched out either side of you. See it as perfectly shaped and firm. Now using your imagination, surround it with beautiful vibing colours of gold and white, purple and on the outside of it all, mirrors reflecting outwards, whilst within, stillness and peace. imagine any noise, and everyone else, is outside of this amazing field, and you are within, in a field of peace and calm. This energy work starts of as playful and not necessarily too strong, however the more you do this, daily, the firmer it becomes and has real impact on your field.
  3. Cut cords. When you interact with others, whether serving customers or talking to a friend or family member, you can develop cords of energy connecting the two of you. Every day, those cords should be cut. Call upon Archangel Michael and imagine his light in front of you. He wields a great sword of light that can cut through cords quickly. Ask to be shown any cords between someone you spent time with today. Imagine them, they may be thin or very thick, depending on how long they’ve had to develop. Say to Archangel Michael, “Please cut these cords now!” He will slice through the cords and no harm will come to either of you. This is powerful work and can be done repeatedly for you with anyone you think of or spend time with. Even people you no longer spend time with can have cord connections that need to be cut.

There is so much more to be shared around this subject. I shall continue to share tools that can help you become stronger and more stable. My recommendation is to work with these tools to build your strength and deepen your understanding of Psychic Presence.

Daniella Breen has been mentoring those on the ascension journey since 1997. To learn more, see her site

Empaths: The Sensitive Ones

Empaths are people whose sensitivity is much greater than that of the average Joe or Josie.

Empaths are people who:-

  • often get confused between their own feelings and other peoples,
  • can look at a person and tell what they are feeling and experiencing,
  • often have difficulty being in crowded places like shopping centres or pubs,
  • attract energy vampires to them (people who drain your energy) and
  • can sometimes feel natural and man-made disasters before they happen,

If you are an Empath, you probably struggle with many aspects of daily life. One of the major problems with Empaths is that they have a tendency to take on other people’s emotions and issues as though they were their own. When you feel other people’s feelings, you often don’t realise that the emotions are coming from outside of yourself. They all tend to feel as though they are your emotions which can be very confusing and often overwhelming. After a while of accumulating emotions both yours and others, you can get very sick. To move beyond these difficulties, some new Life Skills need to be introduced and implemented.

There are a number of ways to counteract the problems of being an Empath. Many of them have to do with defining and clarifying who you are and what you believe. The first and most important action to take is to get focused on your thoughts and beliefs. As you come to a much clearer, more conscious awareness about who you are and what you believe compared to what others believe, you will widen the gap between yourself and other’s emotions. Even if you do take on another’s feelings, it will be easier to recognise them as not belonging to you. Once the recognition is made, you can easily let go of the other persons ‘stuff’.

Another set of activities that is very important in clearing up the empathic difficulties, is that of cleansing and protecting your energy field. There are many, many ways in which to do this, in this article I will offer just a few.

For cleansing the energy field, I recommend with every shower that you take, you imagine that the water is super powerful, sparkling, cleansing energy that flushes all over and through your body, easily washing away any build up of negative energy. At the same time whilst having the shower, in your mind, call out to Archangel Michael (the defender and protector) to come and use his powerful sword to swipe through any and all cords all over your body, that are draining your energy. These two activities will easily release great amounts of negative energy.

For protecting the energy, I recommend that every morning you call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to wrap his wings around you, sealing and protecting you from any and all negative energy throughout the day. I also suggest that using your imagination, you surround yourself with a beautiful sparkly mirrorball, that instantly reflects all negative energy away from you.

Simply by performing these four exercises daily and working on defining who you are and what you believe, you can make a real difference to your experiences in this life. After a while of doing that, you can even start to open up to the gifts of being an empath, such as having a greater level of insight into people’s behaviour and their intentions. Being an Empath truly is a wonderful gift and you can experience it as such with a bit of healing work.

Daniella Breen is a Light Master and Ascension Mentor and Trainer who has worked in this field since 1997. If you want to find her, look here:

If You Feel Heavy…

We are in the great surges of ascension these days, no one is exempt, even those who believe they’ve ascended have not, instead they are ‘ascending’. Your human presence, your body and daily life is the tiniest tip of a massive iceberg of soul presence. Your soul presence is supported by a great system of spirit guides and more and the motion that it is going through as waves of light ripple through long-forgotten realms have great impact on your life far beyond that which you remember. I am telling you that much of what hits you and rocks your world you then forget in the next second, never realising that moments prior you were slammed and rocked from pillar to post. So, for this reason, I tell you to be gentle with yourself and others as much as possible.

If you are feeling heavy, or hard, or angry, or confused, or exhausted, world weary, bone weary, done in, enraged, fearful, depressed, hyped up, just rest. If you are able to, just rest. You are going through so much more than you have conscious access to. You are being blasted with ancient soul garbage as it gets broken up and cleared out. Forgive yourself that you aren’t as quick as you used to be, not as sharp, or life is not as great as you’d hoped. This isn’t the end, it’s mid journey and mid journey in ascension can be rough. It’s rougher still when you can’t see why you are failing, or feeling the way you do. Or when the exhaustion, doesn’t feel like your average exhaustion, instead it’s vague, something you can’t put your finger on. Resting helps. Not that it fixes the problem, the journey is still the journey, however it is being kind to yourself, and acknowledging with real-time payoffs, that what you are going through is rough and that you require real care.

I have often said that this is a marathon, not a sprint. That the state of your system is more that of a jalopy rather than a fine Porsche or Merc. So go easy on yourself and each other. You shall come home. When the Great Heart shows, all will move more easily then. That is coming home soon.

In the deepest love, Daniella

Deep in the Center of You Heart

Deep in the center of your heart, is the most beautiful spinning ball of light.


It spins so smoothly, that it is difficult to tell if it’s spinning at all, but it is.


In the center of the ball is a brilliant spark of light, a star, eternal and strong.


This star is the ultimate sacred Truth of You. It exists beyond soul, beyond universe, it exists to the highest state of Consciousness – it is God.


There are many different fairy tales, stories on Earth, designed to keep humanity going in dark times, designed to fool humanity into handing it’s power over to darkness, thinly veiled as light, but this internal, eternal light is incorruptible – and it is You. Deepen your presence with this light, and you will become stronger. 


In the deepest Light, Daniella Breen