Your Form, Your Steering Wheel

If your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!

Your Form gets battered around a lot with the energy flows and storms throughout the Universe, humanity, the world and your very own soul. Becoming Master of your Form is the solution to minimising this impact on your form (if your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!). Minimising the impact on your form means minimising the impact on you and your life.

The Advanced Psychic Training sessions are 100% designed to train you how to Hold Your Hands Firmly on your Steering Wheel. How to Master your Form and your Life. APT commences in February and runs every first and third Sunday (USA), Monday (Aust) of each month. Each session is $20AUD ($14US). Training involves operating and working directly in your form including your Chakras and fields. You are meant to become a master of your Form.

This is a significant and very real part of what you require to return Home. Join us and make your form Strong and Stable.

Australia Fires: Distortion vs Design

Australia Fires:Distortion is everywhere, on so many levels and with so many layers that it is going to take a bit of unraveling to become completely aligned with the authority with the systems Humanity is meant to Govern and the Homeful Joy of living in lives designed in Light Aligned Consciousness. Here is an aspect that is True of Earth Governance.

  1. It is your understanding of how to work with Light, consciousness, systems and you deliberate and conscious practice of that understanding, plus
  2. The increasing numbers of people gathering in this conscious state of authority, holding with one mind that will over-ride any distortion, and generate and sustain preferred conditions.

Seeing the bushfires across Australia – it is understandable to react or respond with pity, sadness, and dramatic emotions – nobody enjoys seeing or knowing that people and animals are suffering and have at best a long road of recovery ahead of them. This focus however, does not help them in the way. Instead….Instead – become aware of the conditions of the elements – if you tune in, you can experience their wildness, their dramatic states, and stand amidst that craziness (it is safe to do so) – in a state of Holding Calm. You will be aware of both, but you Hold for Calm. There are not words to teach you how to do this, however, it is in your Design to do so. The more I share it, the more you will know it and use it. I Hold. Daniella.

I Exist Everywhere

The Human system includes anchors in fields of the World, of Human Consciousness and the Universe. That means that you are able to travel to different places within and throughout Earth and even throughout the Universe. It takes practice, development of skill and it helps to have support from High Level authority. What you’ll see and experience, may not look like that which is seen in 3D travelling, however, it is beautiful, deep and legitimate.

I have been to the depths of Uluru with the honour of sacred ceremony and friendship with those that are the Heart of this beautiful country. I have been to the core of the Himalayas and the beautiful beings I have met there have changed everything for me. I have been to so many places on and within Earth, throughout the Universe and beyond. I have spent much time in the realm of Universes working with the beings who hold authority over this Universe and beings who hold authority over All Universes.

We are seeing a huge kickback reaction as the Sacred Race of Earth known as Australian Aborigines (all races are Sacred, I speak this in honour) – have finally been able to bring about legal standing that says people no longer can climb our beautiful central rock, Uluru. This great system is so beautiful and deeply powerful – and the Aboriginal people who are guardians of this place ask that this sacred Being not be climbed. Those who rail against such a choice do not comprehend the Sacredness of Earth, nor of honouring the guardians’ choice. But I say to you, that you are able to visit any Sacred Place (or indeed any place at all) simply by bringing your consciousness to that specific place. Always, Always ask permission from the Guardians of these places first – remembering that you do have the right to be there, but it is important to honour these beings who watch over a Sacred Place and work with them to obtain permission.

I exist Everywhere and You have the tools to as well. If you’ve ever done distance healing on a place that has runaway natural weather issues occurring – drought, fire, flood, tornadoes or cyclones, etc, you bring your Presence to the place in order to do the work. This is very effective and so is travelling for Sacred Ceremony, or even just building your relationship with a Place. You Are Sacred, In honour, Daniella.