Light Workers and Authority

Lightwork. A lot of different kind of work comes under the broad banner of Lightworker. All of it is relevant and important, all of it involves increasing and stabilising light quotient in various ways. There is a hierarchy in Light Work, supported by a complex multi-level, multi-realm system of light beings based both within and beyond the Universe.

Humans hold a certain unique authority in regards to Lightwork being done on humans. A human must be present for Lightwork to be done. This is due to the Free Will design of this Universe. Work on human systems requires human approval. Understand that in order to work with Light beings, Light Technicians in the vast and complex systems of the Universe, including the systems of the Human Race, and of Earth, you must develop consciousness and then be aligned in authority with Light systems from beyond the human system. You can’t just wish it so, and few are able to develop the higher levels of authority. In fact, for some levels, only specific individuals, who came into this life with the authority already present (but not activated), will ever reach such levels of Lightwork.

I spoke of the complex Light System of Light Beings that hold the Lightwork ‘Industry’, (meaning organised and designed productivity to fulfil intentions), it is this system and the Lightbeings in their authority that will recognise your potential level of authority and design a program to support you into your purpose. They will guide you to the right training and teachers to help you on your way. Your spirit guides are a big part of that work.

There is so much more to share about in this subject, and as it is a core focus of this group (alongside ascension), I will be anchoring more consciousness about this.

Fae Beings

How many here have relationships with those among the Fae (Fairy Folk)? A few important points to know about Fae… 
1. There are many different types of Fae beings, with different types of behaviour, gifts and skills. Their one thing in common is their love of Mother Earth.
2. Many Fae are known to be tricksters and that is not to be taken lightly. If you find yourself interacting with them, treat them with respect. They behave honourably if they are treated with honour.
3. The Fae are family to the Human Race. They have been deeply hurt by our disengagement from them and Mother Earth. They matter and are waiting for you to remember that you are a part of something much greater and to reunite with your greater family.

If you don’t already know, it is in nature that you will find them.

Your Unique Rhythm

You, the being that you are, your soul, your heart, your relationship with Light, your body, You have your own flow, your own rhythm. The soul damage and dark systems your soul carries generates, these things dictate when you need to do deep work. If you don’t already know it, learn your rhythms. Learn your cycles and flows. They may not makes sense according to calendars and clocks, planetary movements and gateway activity, but when you get the hang of your flows, they will make sense to you. As you move through your ascension journey, the external systems will become decreasingly relevant to your identity and self awareness, instead, you will find yourself standing in alignment with streaming Christlight, and you will be in a beautiful dance to your own rhythm. One that only you are hearing. Amazingly, when you look up, you may notice that more and more people, are each in their own dance, and that together, the choreography is spectacular. Listen, feel your flow.

Universe is a Construct of Time and Space

Let’s talk about Time. Our Universe is a construct of Time and Space. Think about what that means. To have an idea for a Universe is one thing, but to open it up to exist. To open it up to design in, to live in, be active in… Design and plant and develop species in, seed consciousness in… Requires ability to move and stretch and journey. Think about Time and Space as axes that form a grid. Can you see how that harbours an open area for generation of ideas into form, for conscious forms being free to move, journey, interact? Although humans in science have determined rigid measurements of time and space, even they, some of them, in exploring more deeply, in going beyond, are realising that Time and Space are neither Rigid nor unmalleable.

So, Time. Time is usable in far more ways due to its malleability. When you work ‘beneath the hood’s of this Universe, working with Time in it’s more malleable state, or working beyond time, (working from outside of the Universe) are common experiences.

If it inspires you, allow this to open a door of consciousness, it’s your right to know Your Universe!

About Distortion

To try and explain distortion is difficult. Rather than the storyline flowing along step-by-step, static or gif-like packets of information are presented, sometimes like loud punches, and they come with emotional influencers. They are completely believable simply because we assume that whatever presents to our face is reality. We can’t imagine that if someone tells us something to our face that it could be distortion. Understand, I am not talking about them lying, I am talking about reality being distorted so that what is coming from that person is not what they would choose to say in their undistorted consciousness. There is so much to say and share about this subject but it’s not an easy subject to explain, or to convince. What I will say is this…. Distortion is really happening, and when you grasp that it and let go of the concrete 3D concept of reality, you are making things easier on yourself. Understanding that Ascension includes leaving the condition of distortion. Forever. If you don’t recognise distortion in your personal life or the world in general, you may do someday. Either way, be at ease because as ascending human beings, you are on the move beyond distortion

In Honour, Daniella

Expanding Awareness

One of the most powerful attitudes to have is that the framework of consciousness from which you are operating may be temporary. If it works for you now, stay with it, but be open to there being more beyond anything you understand. This allows you to expand and rise in light frequencies in ways you can’t even imagine.

In Honour, Daniella

Light Consciousness vs Dark Avoidance

There is the state of ‘Developing Light Consciousness’, and then there is the state of ‘Dark Avoidance’. Although the second can appear very much like the first, the two are very different conditions. The first is about building stability by expanding in consciousness and recovering aspects of self distorted and that which is claimed and commandeered by darkness. The second state of consciousness is withdrawing from the dark distorted mess that lies beneath. Some build many layers of light between their conscious presence and the deeper soul damage (where they can), however the avoidance won’t last, all that is left has to rise to be undone. This work is coming and yes you will be supported in the ensuing work. Just do your best to assess your current state of consciousness so that you are strong and prepared.

In Honour, Daniella

Paradigm Shifting

Holding is a long term thing. It is what you choose for yourself, for the world. Sharing High Consciousness is the same. Essentially you are anchoring concepts from a more expanded paradigm. You can never be responsible for people expanding into new paradigms, it is their journey. But you can support them and expedite their flow. So you hold them in light by sharing consciousness, knowing that ultimately it is freeing and strengthening because the Truth is where the answers lie.

Holding changes life. It holds light where darkness has a stronghold. It holds light until Light Authority is restored. In humanity, all light authority will be restored.

In this Free Will Universe, Light designed the Human Race, but does not enslave or hold humans to choosing Light. It must be your choice, not just to choose Light, but to learn what that means. Humanity is buried deep in slumber for a long time. Awakening is slowly happening and this is good, but it’s like a needle in a haystack. We shift and expand into a greater paradigm and all of the pieces fall into place and we think, “Ah, this is it, the answers lie here!”. But over time we outgrow that paradigm as we expand, like a turtle outgrowing it’s shell, we struggle with the vulnerability of shedding what we knew, what was safe and comfortable and once empowering. It will unfold though. The journey of Ascension, the paradigm stepping, you open to the expansion and awakening of it all for one simple reason… You Choose Light! 🙏

In Honour, Daniella.

Giftedness, Skill and Consciousness

There is giftedness, talent, tendencies and aptitudes. Then there is the developmental work, the effort, training. Finally there is the consciousness expansion and raising of, expanding in paradigms. These three individual factors build on each other. If someone is not present in each one, and conscious seeking to expand in skill and consciousness, they’re missing out.

A gift is not automatically a skill, it requires ongoing development. Skill even in practical application is not all that is required for consciousness. Expanding consciousness changes and develops skill and opens awareness to gifts previously unrecognised.

You can have them all far beyond your current imaginings. Be open to ideas beyond your current frameworks, to allow for expansion to greater paradigms. These expanded paradigms are supporting your soul purpose and ascension both.

In Honour, Daniella

Leaving the Old World System

Did you know that when you see something offensive or dishonest on Facebook, and comment on it, it only serves to increase its viewership? The more attention you give it, the more activity of any kind it gets, even negative, the more popularity and therefore viewership it receives. The creators of these vile or outrageous campaigns count on the angry reactions to significantly increase their viewership.

And so it is with the dark systems of the world. Raging at the machine and it’s dark ways, just increases its existence. It can be difficult to imagine not screaming about the terrible and dark things in the world, to not try to rescue, halt, prevent the obscene and senseless suffering that is forced on humanity, the animal realm, nature, and Earth herself. And yet, that is precisely what I advise you to do. I am offering you my awareness of this subject. Of course, I honour what you choose to do with it, I just invite you to keep an open mind to the possibility of its truth. And the Truth is this.

Humanity has yet to ascend and transition to the new World System. Whilst anchored in the old system, there is limited ability to recognise the real condition. The foundation upon which we stand is heavily corrupted and permanently damaged. It is not fixable. To work on any change, within the old system, you must put an enormous amount of attention on the dark systems, which is just what darkness wants you to do. Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. So although you may feel as though you’re doing something to positively alter conditions, were you to see the big picture you would see that it is regenerating the dark.

Please note, this is not shared to inhibit you, nor to fear or guilt trap you into the choice I share. It is merely to share consciousness that is ultimately healing for all. This is the way to heal and recover humanity. By optimising your consciousness in light, by aligning your field and state of mind with Light, and the transcension of the Lower Tangle, and ultimately the Ascension to the new world system, you are disengaging from all distortion. No longer contributing to any of it. No longer feeding the suffering, the torment. You are instead, aligning with and building a new way for All. In the deepest love, Daniella.