Stability Ability

Things get rocky. Things get rocky because there is light hitting dark tangle which stirs up. Things get rocky because this is ascension. Things get rocky. Developing your Stability Ability is critical in these times.

1. Heart Light Alignment – the deeper you go, the longer you spend in your heart light, the more regularly you do it, the stronger your presence with it becomes so that when things get crazy, it’s your perfect, ‘go to’ tool!

2. Meditation – You know how it goes by now – the more you train your mind into the condition of stillness, the greater your stillness factor is. Not too difficult to grasp really!

3. Detach, Stand Free, Expand Beyond – any craziness that is going on in your life and in the world. This takes practice, a lot of practice. It takes practice and it’s more difficult the more personal it is to you.

Of course none of this is mind blowing information – it’s been around for a long time. But these times it warrants repeating a lot. With details. In triplicate!

Working With Your Dreams

The subject of dreams is complex. This is because dreams themselves are actually comprised of many things.  This article is a brief outline about dreams and how to work with them to support your ascension journey.

Before going into a brief outline of different kinds of dreams, I recommend using a Dream Diary to record your dreams every morning while the dreams are still fresh.  Make sure you date each dream to the day, month and year. This allows you to look back over your dreams when you pick up recurring dreams or themes for example, or when something comes to light in your life that relates to a dream you had some time before. The details you record become vague in your mind, so looking back at your records can be extremely useful.

There are many different ‘things’ that come under the umbrella title of Dreams. The simplest dreams are those made up of scraps of thoughts, garbled images and discussions. These dreams are really the mind sorting out a whole load of stuff from your daily life and memories from the past. These dreams are largely about throwing out old stuff that you have no need to hold on to.  Your system is doing the job, you have no need to work on it.

Another kind of dream is the information dream. These storyline type dreams tell of adventures or discussions that at first glance may make no sense. These dreams you will benefit from developing your ability to work with. Dream books that list an icon dictionary can be helpful (although don’t rely so deeply on them that you forego your own intuition and awareness) – for example, if there’s water in the dream that can mean ‘emotion’, if the water is wild and stormy or calm and clear, this can indicate the state of something going on in your life. The emotions you feel during the dream, the ideas you have, the storyline itself are all information. Learning to interpret them takes time, and sometimes it can be years before you really put it together.

Power Dreams for women are amazing dreams. I learnt about these dreams from a book titled The Women’s Book of Dreams by Connie Cockrell Kaplan. The focus is on women’s relationship with the lunar cycles. Essentially, the sign and phase the moon was in when you were born is revisited each month (usually not at the same time) – the vivid dreams you have on those nights include Power Dreams – informative dreams of where you are going. Then once a year within 2 weeks either side of your birthday, the sign and phase of your birth occurs together again and this is your Big Power Night, these vivid dreams outline much larger life information (Kaplan defines it as prophetic for the next 12 months).  I thoroughly recommend you reading her book for more details. I have been working with this information for about 20 years and I’ve found it very helpful.

There are other kinds of dreams that I consider very important. Some of these are information being downloaded to you by your guides and teachers. These beings sometimes find working with you in your dreams to be very powerful, when you are relaxed and open to different information without your mind getting in the way (as it sometimes can). Recording these dreams can really unfold deeper flows of information that can take you deeply into subjects of great merit.

Other dreams aren’t dreams at all but visitations, adventures and journeys that involve healing work (both on you and by you on another), attunements and even memories of other lifetimes. This work is exciting and wonderful and if you allow it, keeps you opening new doors of learning or remembering ancient knowledge you’ve related to from times gone by.

Truly, there is so much to dream work that all I have been able to do here is try to provide a small smattering of information to get you started in the right direction. If you find dreams are something that you relate to strongly, I thoroughly advise you to start building your consciousness and skill at working with them. Daniella Breen is the author of this article and blog post. I am an Ascension Mentor and Lightmaster teacher. To work more deeply with me, go to


In truth, stillness is a massive subject. There are many different aspects of the human system that must be managed to attain stillness and there are many different tools that you can master to help you get there. Over time, of developing your skill with the different tools, you will get to a point where you will know which tool will help you best in any particular moment.

I consulted with the Priestesses, interested in what they’re personal choices were for achieving stillness. There answers were varied and relevant of course – Breathwork; Meditation; Time Out; Sleep and Sun work. To add to that I would say, Chakra work (clearing, balancing, healing); Heart Light Alignment; Field Clearing; Reiki; Yoga; Grounding; Dancing; Singing; Letting Go; and Spending time in Nature. There are so many more of course, but these are common and go deep, meaning that the more you work with most of these tools, the better they work for you in stillness.

So, as with much of our basic ascension work, Stillness is something that many people in Self Work strive for regardless of interest in Ascension. Mastering the State of Stillness is a powerful condition, and the more you work with it, even in the easy times, the more reliable it becomes when things get rough. When you get moving on the Ascension Road, (or rather when it starts moving you and you get dragged along), hopefully already you’ve developed some major skill in Stillness, because you’re going to need it.

Your Field has been processing stuff through your whole life. You pick things up just by going to a shopping center, hanging out with friends and family or going through a rough time. Most stuff moves through your system without you having to do too much to help it. Most people process stuff through their system without even knowing they have a system to begin with. (When I speak of your system, I am talking about your chakra system, the multi-fields you are connected to and your soul field). When you start moving through the Ascension Process, it becomes more pronounced. More stuff starts moving through your system, and you need to get skilled in processing (because it can quickly become congested) and noisier and rougher things can come up from your soul field that you need to deal with. Although this is not the place for that, what you do need to do for certain is deepen your skill and means of attaining Stillness.

The key to committing to Stillness, is to select a particular tool and get working on it. Becoming attuned to Reiki level one with a good master is a great way to start because you are learning to work with your field, with energy flow, you gain training to work with it all and get a good strong dose of Reiki to clear out your field in a big way due to the attunements, the training and the activity. Whichever tool you decide to get started with, make sure you stick with it and hold presence with it. There will often be a part of you that gets side-tracked, or loses interest and it’s important keep pushing past that – quite often when this disinterest comes up, it’s because there’s something big and uncomfortable starting to rise up and the quiet state of stillness means you’re feeling that. Hold your feet to the fire and persist with the stillness so that anything that needs to rise up through your system is able to do so.

There is so much that can be shared here, deeper consciousness, however this article is intended merely as an introduction to a very big subject. My suggestion to you is to get clear and committed to building your strength in Stillness so that as you begin your ascension journey, you will be prepared with a descent level of skill in Stillness.

Daniella Breen has been training in Consciousness work, Ascension work since 1997. You can find her on her wordpress site or her Facebook page.

Journalling in Ascension

Journalling is a big subject, there are many ways in which it can be useful, even imperative to the Ascension journey. So here’s the how and the why.

So we’ve talked about the need for tools and skills, consciousness and commitment throughout the ascension journey. Journalling is a basic and powerful tool to have if you use it well. You may already be journalling and if so, that’s great, you may find this article useful to expand or otherwise direct your journal writing to support you more deeply on this journey. If you are a newcomer to journalling, here’s what I recommend you do – grab a big notebook, and start writing – take up one idea here and work with it for a while, once you’ve developed a flow with that work, then add another idea that attracts you and work with that as well. It may become overwhelming at times but keep working with it all as it supports you in this powerful time of history.

What To Use

I recommend the old fashioned pens and blank notebook. Of course use lined if you prefer, however I find that the blank unlined visual arts diaries to be great if you want to get creative with imagery, draw something you’re visualising or you saw in a dream for example, it provides greater scope or freedom to express in different ways. Of course some may prefer to keep a diary on a computer or a blog on line etc, however, there is something very healing even clearing about hand writing everything down – as though the ink itself draws out the clutter from your field and releases it to the page. Of course, do what works best for you. Colour pens, beautiful calligraphy, cut outs from magazines, everything can be included, it’s up to you, but for my choice, it’s primarily words on blank clean white paper.

Types of Journalling


A lot goes on in daily life, if you have taken to working on your wounding or personal journey, so much more comes up. Writing out whatever it is you are going through, helps to clarify perspective, untangle thoughts and ideas, and build new levels of understanding, that is why journalling is highly regarded in therapeutic work. It helps process the clutter in the mind. So consider Ascension in some ways a much bigger version of this personal work. One aspect of Ascension is the clearing out of lifetimes of garbage, wounding, and distorted beliefs and ideas based on foundations of false consciousness. You will find (if you haven’t already) that unravelling all the mess as it comes up enables you to easily let go of things that have unknowingly run your life in a way that has never really worked for you. This is processing.


New ideas, new information, new concepts, new learnings are coming in all the time. Paradigms of thinking come and go fairly quickly in Ascension and writing about it, helps to explore what you’re hearing or even receiving in your psychic consciousness and expand, let go of old ideas or integrate different aspects of thought together. It allows you to deepen the concepts you are exploring and also make leaps of perspective expanding your awareness in these new ideas as you go. As long as you don’t attach too deeply – in other words be willing to move beyond or let go of that which you are exploring as quickly as it comes because sometimes, that’s exactly the point – just a stepping stone to a whole other reality. This is a powerful way to use journalling.

Consciousness Streaming

The next level to (and often intertwined with) Learning, is working with Consciousness Streaming, often identified as Automatic Writing. This is where you have stepped into an idea that you’ve read or heard about, and the idea has taken hold. You leap from concept to concept with it and have difficulty keeping up. Once you begin writing it down, you can ask questions that open different doors of info, write down the flow as it comes and then ask another question and so on. Consciousness Streaming is based on the awareness that Everything is Consciousness. You may have heard that Everything is Energy right? Well All Energy is Consciousness. There is consciousness about Everything out there in the Universe, out there in the Human Collective Consciousness and other formats of Consciousness. You can access these places, these Streams of Consciousness and open the streams to learn more and more. Once you get the hang of it, it can be a powerful tool. How do you get started, begin by working with Beings of Light – asking them questions and receiving the answers, writing them down.

Dream Journals

You may have heard that your dreams provide a bounty of information if you know how to read them, well it’s true. Recording your dreams every morning enables you to remember them more clearly as well as have a record of your dreams that you can work with and refer back to in the future (some dreams have sequences or even chapters). Dreams provide psychological as well as metaphysical and spiritual information that becomes very helpful on this journey.

Gratitude Journal

Ascension can get rough. Really rough at times, and a gratitude journal is one of the strengthening, positive ways that you can use to program your consciousness into higher frequencies. Essentially, at the end of the day you list five things that you are grateful for that day. Five things that bring you joy, or solace, or comfort and peace.

So yes, of course this is just the tip of the iceberg and I may return to this subject and write more deeply on different individual tools but for now, hopefully, this will inspire you to go deep with your Ascension Journal!!

Daniella Breen is an Ascension Wayshower, Mentor and Teacher.