Presence With Earth

Building presence with Earth, this beautiful being, whom we rely on, hold Life with, Carry the World with, is one of the most beautiful things you can be doing as a Human. She is a loving, living conscious Being and is present with humanity, it requires consciousness to be present with Her.

Being clean on Earth, being caring about Earth, that comes with being present with Her. Not just out of care for her, or humanity, but simply because the more deeply present you are with Her, the more deeper layers of You are nourished and cared for by Her. You awaken in deeper ways and access deeper layers of Self.

Not Everyone is doing their best, in fact most are so tangled up in lower consciousness alltogether, that they are too caught up in worry and greed to slow down and give any creedence to that which we speak of. However, WE can hold presence. We can Be with Her. Each individual walking Her own path, holding Presence in our own ways. Being still, sitting with Her, honouring Her, aligning with Her. The More we do that, the more that is written into the human Consciousness System. The more that is so, the more it becomes a greater path, a more present path, an easier path for all of Humanity to walk.

Earth is not the Be All End All, however she Is where we Are Living and to devour her is a certain form of suicide or self destruction. Holding Presence with Earth (as with any conscious being) is not a shallow thing that can be done lightly, it goes deep and takes time. It must be wanted, desired, chosen and held.

Whatever your path or belief, today, here and now, you are present in human form and you are living on Earth. How present are you with Her? πŸ™πŸ’— Daniella.

Rising Through the Tangle

More and more of the human race is going to be stretched and pulled by the Ascension Motion. The magnetic pulling upwards towards the light, into higher consciousness. Tugging against the Tangle that Dark Consciousness built when no one was looking. There’s little left of it now, as a major Light process by the Authority of God removed the Core of it all. However, there is still some left – and as individuals rise, higher and higher, they will find they are tugging on threads of distortion and pain they did not know were there. As more of humanity reaches higher levels of light, new threads will be uncovered by all and will need to be dealt with individual as well as collectively. Don’t be concerned, the support will be there.

As all of this is occurring, you may begin to notice increasing levels of distortion that can no longer be explained by the usual brush off. Strange things happening, uncomfortable or even painful. Remain calm as you can, this is the Tangle – this is not the reality you deserve or would ever design for yourself, and it requires your attention in order to clear it.

At this point I say to you, the primary solution is – hold the light, whilst the dark mess reverberates in your life in whatever way. Remember the True Choice and stand with that as the Dark Design plays out and ultimately fades. There will be more support than that, but to realise this at this point is to have consciousness at hand that supports you when you start to notice happenings.

πŸ’—πŸ™ Daniella

The Systems of Consciousness

Consider This!

  1. Dimensions – Each one a state of consciousness that provides a completely different foundation for the definitions of The World, Earth, Reality, The Universe.
  2. Paradigms – Systems of collective consciousness that you move into and outgrow. Vast and impressive.
  3. Frameworks of Consciousness – Personal belief structures that grow and change (for some their hidden wounding results in rigid and stagnant frameworks until healing allows for shifting). These structures exist within Paradigms and allow for functionality in life and Light Practice at most levels. Some degree of framework consciousness tends towards fear, blocking and distortion and so limits the functionality and growth.

Over time of shifting and growth, you can learn to relate to these definitions and use them as maps to determine how you are going through your Ascension Expansion. Being open to there being a reality beyond where you are operating and being open to expanding into it, is a powerful state of Consciousness in terms of supporting your Ascension and expanding into The Ultimate Sacred Truth of All That You Are. Be open to expanding upward, outward and Beyond where you are. Don’t hold so rigidly to your current beliefs that you become unwilling to allow your Consciousness to guide you Beyond. You are rising, Support the Rise. πŸ’—πŸ™ Daniella.

Levels of Consciousness Vary

This is important to understand. People often assume that they are operating at one single frequency, one level of consciousness, one level of awareness. However, it’s very different from that. There can be aspects of your consciousness that are very high level, in higher dimensions, and other aspects (even in the same subject or area of life), where your consciousness is quite low. Because there are all kind of factors that influence your ideas of life, the world and living, you can think that you’re really nailed it, very strong and high in consciousness, and yet, be operating in much lower consciousness than you ever imagined.

The great thing about being in Ascension, is that the move is constant and absolute. It is not going to stop until all who can ascend, are ascended. This means that you may level out from time to time for a while, however, the movement will take you onward fairly soon.

It’s important to realise that currently, although the Ascension movement has been underway, there has been a condition of waiting for many – I know some of the women I have been working with are aware of little or no movement – there’s a reason for this, you are moving into a time of deeper support. This new level, this new time will enable movement and clearing at deeper levels that were deemed not to be touched until the new level of support came through.

Understand that you are not doing this on your own. Soon, new levels of Light will show and be present and support you homeward.

The deepest love and honour, Daniella.


Healing is required beyond where you are now.

Healing is required beyond what you define yourself to be as an individual.

Healing is required by you at the level of Humanity.

As you rise in light and consciousness, new tangles are going to show themselves. The more light you have, the more the light shows tangles that you didn’t know were there. If you haven’t already begun experiencing this, you will.

You will become aware of issues, you thought were just life. This will happen because your ascension has you rising, and you begin pulling on threads of lower condition, lower tangle that you didn’t recognise as anything at all.

There is coming a time of the lifting of veils, misleads, distortions. Some of these were placed there by darkness, and some by light. Don’t be concerned, Light designed and holds this Universe, and Light is ultimately in charge. The Veils were important, but soon will no longer be necessary.

You Are Ascending. You will soon experience the Tangle in ways that Humanity has not known. Prior to Ascension, people could clear only so far, rise only so much, untangle only so much, however now, a great system that limited the human rise has been lifted and now people are rising far beyond. Consciousness is rising and many are expanding into 5D. There have always been a few who have been present and conscious at 5D amongst humanity, but they were the exception. But not to this degree, this prevalent, this is new.

Awakening is a journey. It is not a one time flick of a switch. It is not even just one level of expansion. It is a remembering, a recovering, and there is so much to go. Believe me this is a wonderful thing, not that you don’t remember, but that you will.

The leaving of the tangle is a massive journey and one that humanity is increasingly moving into. It removes what darkness developed, generated, so much more than humanity is aware of, and replaces it with light, recovery, strength. As one who has worked as Light in the depths of the dark realms for a long time, I can say, without question that what is known or understood about darkness and what it has done is infinitesimally small as compared to what it actually is and what it actually has done. Please understand – this is not designed to fear, you are now safe from darkness – the deed is done – I will share what has come to pass by Authority of God. In Ascension you will come to know the Truth – but you won’t need to get into the details, the toxicity other than what may be relevant to you and your soul.

The unfoldment is gearing up, there will be times when it will be overwhelming (I hear you say, it already is like that and I agree). However, the support is deepening, and shall go far beyond what has been and what is now. The very river of light upon which your consciousness flows will deepen, rise and align in a way that humanity will truly be relieved and grateful for.

It is coming. I promise.Β πŸ™πŸ’—Β Daniella

Forgiveness: When Not To…

Forgiveness can be an important part of the recovery process but there are some important caveats to be conscious of. First, sometimes it is spoken about as though if you haven’t forgiven someone, it’s because you’re hanging on to it. That’s just not true. Sometimes, a push is helpful to realise that you’re sticking to something you can let go of, however quite often, you’re just not in the right place to forgive. One such condition is common where the soul field, the auric system is just not recovered enough. You haven’t processed everything necessary to forgive or let go of those involved. This is significant because in that situation, you haven’t gotten to the bottom of it all and any ‘forgiveness’ would in fact be a lie.

The second reason that forgiveness can’t take place at least temporarily, is if the perpetrator is still in your sphere/life and continue to be a danger in some way. You may be still in some kind of battle, and having clarity about them versus you, can help in dealing with any kind of attack/abuse.

Remember, these conditions will not remain permanent, if you are ascending, transcending the lower dark tangle, will ultimately bring you to a place where you are able to honestly forgive or in other words, let go. What matters most is that you are able to be honest with yourself and anyone you are working with. There is no shame in not ‘forgiving’, it is a journey of recovery and can’t be forced.

Be committed to your recovery and kind to yourself. Allow the journey to be what it is instead of faking it to suit the naive healing beliefs of others (or yourself).

In the deepest love, Daniella


Tattoos. Consider this. You are made up of 70% water – much of it moves through your body in the form of blood. Words and symbols have vibrations and everything you write, place or tattoo on your body, travels through all of your body, including your heart, and re-wires your system, including your consciousness in certain ways.

Now, consider that we are in a time of powerful transition, the ascension journey is rapid and long. Your consciousness is changing, rising, shifting through paradigms that changes the way you perceive and relate to Everything. Which means that you may come in to a powerful and life changing concept, words, symbols, images that blow you away, transform the way you think. You may recognise that this vibration is Ultimate! You may feel it’s infinite depth and want to travel into that depth eternally. You may decide that to support that, you will tattoo it (the word, symbol, image, etc) on your body to support that. To commit to it and to hold your presence with it. But here’s the thing…..

You are shifting upwards from massive levels of compaction. You will likely have shifted through some paradigms and will likely shift through more. At some point, that deep and powerful concept/awareness that is blowing your mind right now, may become something you need to leave far behind in the future in order to continue aligning with the Sacred Truth of You.
I am not saying that you won’t be able to ascend all the way with a tattoo of dated concepts, but I am saying that it can cause drag, make things harder for a while at least. You will be flowing with old lower concepts through your system when you are trying to leave the old paradigm.

My recommendation is – don’t attach permanent vibrations to you so deeply. It’s a serious problem. Instead. Write it on your body, everyday, in the deepest ways. Allow the vibrations to flow through you, imprint on your cells, the fabric of your consciousness. And be willing to grow beyond it all. Allow your system to be a channel for higher consciousness and support that with frequency commitments that can last as long (or as short) a time as is useful to you.

Body writing, colouring is powerful. The more present you are with the choice you are making as you draw it on your body, the more powerful the vibration flowing through your system. Just remember to make it positive and love based – never anger, fear or hate based (which of course are poisonous to your system).

With deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen

Expanding In Dimensions: Wounded Consciousness

When expanding into a higher dimension, any wounded consciousness that remains unhealed, will remain operating in the dimension where the wounding was generated. So, if you have expanded into 4D, no matter how well established you become in 4D consciousness, any 3D wounded and distorted consciousness will remain tangled in the 3D wounded state until and unless you recognise the distorted condition and are able to recover that consciousness and it is able to expand into 4D itself.

It is even correct that you can in general expand into several dimension levels beyond, whilst areas of your consciousness remain in multiple different dimensions below.

Finally, it’s important to understand that healing and recovering consciousness from each dimension, can require healing modalities relevant to that dimension although the expanded consciousness from the higher dimensions does provide perception that enables deeper, more thorough recovery.

Dimensions – Expanding From One to the Next

Reading about dimensional shifting can help with recognising what you are going through as you are going through it. If the information shared is clear to you, that can help to some degree speed up your expansion. It can’t ‘make it happen’.

Learning about the different dimensions, especially the one you are growing beyond and the dimension you are expanding into, likewise, won’t ‘make’ you expand, however, it can also help accelerate the process if it helps to clarify your understanding of the journey you are on – creating clarity of what you are expanding beyond, as well as what you are expanding into.

What provides the deepest support for your expansion through the dimensions, is spending time with information shared by those already operating well in the higher dimensions. The depth of your understanding depends on the degree to which you are already established in the dimensions they are speaking from. However, even that which you don’t understand, and even that which you do, will be loaded with light coding of those higher dimensions. If you are receiving this information through your field (rather than intellectually processing it with your mind), you will be receiving these light codes which will in turn be informing you in much deeper ways.

Dimensions – Overview Map

When thinking of the Different dimensions consider each dimension as a horizontal layer within which there is much space for expansion of consciousness. When you are well established in a dimension, your behaviour changes, your beliefs, understandings of life and beingness. Also your understandings of the lower dimensions you were already established in change over time a lot as they are newly informed by your expanding consciousness in the higher dimensions. All of this expansion is wonderful, empowering and exciting.