The Light Show: A Whole New Way of Light!

It began as a recognition that I was so focused on clearing distortion and strengthening Form, that I had left behind the most spectacular, the most significant, by FAR the Most Important Part…. The Light.

Not that I hadn’t been working with Light, and training everyone with it, but that I hadn’t paid it the attention it deserved! So that got me thinking, how exactly did I want to do this work? I decided that I wanted to hold an ‘open to the public’, 1 hour anchoring and Holding of Light that everyone could participate in no matter what their skill and experience level.

I have been noticing over the years, the way that Distortion has been fragmenting, fracturing the Light Holder Community of Humanity. There was nothing to be done about that – Distortion is up to everyone to clear, recognise and free themselves from. However, A Light Show, a Radio Show throughout which we gather together to Hold the Light for 1 hour – no other agenda, no bias, nothing for distortion to distort – just Holding the Light, That we can do.

So here it is. Already there have been two shows – 1. A Test Run and 2. the First Show. At this point, it holds for 1 hour, once a month. Are you interested? You can check out the playbacks of these two shows, here:

Check it out and if you are interested in Holding Light for Humanity, the World, Yourself and Earth, make sure you come along to our next Live episode of The Light Show

USA, PST (San Francisco) – 3pm, Monday, 8th December, 2020;

Australia, (Tasmania) GMT+11, 10am, 9th December, 2020.

I am really looking forward to seeing you there in just a few weeks!

In Light, Daniella Breen

These Times and The Human Race.

Whether you know it or not. Whether you believe it or not. This is a powerful time of change for the Human Race and for the World. This time was prophecised by cultures, races and spiritual leaders across the planet, throughout time as being the time of (so many different terms) the time Humanity returns Home. This Time.
For those who work as LightMasters in this time, we have seen the changes unfold – the changes in the Forms and Conditions of Earth, the World and Humanity. The waves rising upwards of masses of dark, old, distortion and madness – twisting and distorting the conditions of the World, knowing that there is so much more to come. Knowing that however terribly it appears, that Humanity will work it’s way beyond – just as it was prophecised to do.
This started in 2012 – and as someone who has worked as a Lightworker since 1997 (and before) I watched the changes unfold. I saw the transformations both in dark and light ways. I watched as the shift from 2012 to 2013 brought about a whole different condition, a whole different world, a whole different face for the Human Race.

This journey is long, and it goes deep. It has to. The distortion developed over thousands of years continues to reverberate through the Human Race and so the World. As Light warms the Human Form, so it stirs the distortions (oh so much distortion). As Light moves through Humanity and distortion screams, the Lit Up Human starts to see what is wrong, starts to awaken from a deep ancient slumber – and slowly disconnects from the many vines of distortion they’re entangled in.

There is Light at the end of this insane journey. There is a growing light as each Human who can choose light, begins to choose light – in places where there was only distortion before. Each human choosing Light – becomes strong as they separate from the distortion – like layers of unconsciousness – the awakening unfolds – over a long time, but it comes to be. The more who awaken, the faster all of humanity awakens. Until the world is governed once again by Humans in Full Light. That is a different world to anything you can imagine right now. That is a different human to anything you can imagine right now. The time is unfolding. You will know.
In deepest Honour, Daniella Breen

Your Form, Your Steering Wheel

If your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!

Your Form gets battered around a lot with the energy flows and storms throughout the Universe, humanity, the world and your very own soul. Becoming Master of your Form is the solution to minimising this impact on your form (if your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course!). Minimising the impact on your form means minimising the impact on you and your life.

The Advanced Psychic Training sessions are 100% designed to train you how to Hold Your Hands Firmly on your Steering Wheel. How to Master your Form and your Life. APT commences in February and runs every first and third Sunday (USA), Monday (Aust) of each month. Each session is $20AUD ($14US). Training involves operating and working directly in your form including your Chakras and fields. You are meant to become a master of your Form.

This is a significant and very real part of what you require to return Home. Join us and make your form Strong and Stable.

Australia Fires: Distortion vs Design

Australia Fires:Distortion is everywhere, on so many levels and with so many layers that it is going to take a bit of unraveling to become completely aligned with the authority with the systems Humanity is meant to Govern and the Homeful Joy of living in lives designed in Light Aligned Consciousness. Here is an aspect that is True of Earth Governance.

  1. It is your understanding of how to work with Light, consciousness, systems and you deliberate and conscious practice of that understanding, plus
  2. The increasing numbers of people gathering in this conscious state of authority, holding with one mind that will over-ride any distortion, and generate and sustain preferred conditions.

Seeing the bushfires across Australia – it is understandable to react or respond with pity, sadness, and dramatic emotions – nobody enjoys seeing or knowing that people and animals are suffering and have at best a long road of recovery ahead of them. This focus however, does not help them in the way. Instead….Instead – become aware of the conditions of the elements – if you tune in, you can experience their wildness, their dramatic states, and stand amidst that craziness (it is safe to do so) – in a state of Holding Calm. You will be aware of both, but you Hold for Calm. There are not words to teach you how to do this, however, it is in your Design to do so. The more I share it, the more you will know it and use it. I Hold. Daniella.

Humanity Is Returning Home

Darkness is gone and all that is left is The Human Race, Distortion… and Light that has to be heard to be chosen and must be chosen for Humanity to be free. There is only one way for Humanity to be Free and that is for Humanity to Return Home. Humanity has been deeply pulled away from Home for so long. Generation after Generation. Further and further from home in deeper and deeper tangles of distortion, confusion, lies and enslavement. Now is the time to slowly return home. There is no quick way to come out of what continues to be a great, big, ugly mess.

Many are moving through levels of awakening, many have remembered some mastery, made some beautiful achievements and believe that they are Home – I don’t say this to belittle their beautiful awakenings, but there is more, nobody is Home and Whole as yet.

The entire Human Race is wrapped in misleads that it is unable to see beyond, even to recognise that they exist, you will only know once they are undone, then you will find you start to breathe, exhale in ways you were not even aware you’d been holding your breath for thousands of years.

The unfoldment of this Return Home is gradual. It is your journey. You are supported and the support will transition with the changes, the unveilings that are coming. Be open to new ideas of Reality. Be open to new stories to replace the old. Be open because they are coming, and as Priestesses of Light, you will support the Journey Homewards for Humanity with Your Light – the more deeply aligned you are, the sooner you will be able to step into that role after the veils are removed.

In the deepest Honour, Daniella.

Letting Go of the Distortion

It gets difficult I know, to not engage, not respond, not rage about what you see going on in the world. It hurts to see people suffering, struggling, being harmed, being conned, tricked. It hurts to see so much abuse, greed and violation, and to just not speak out, not call them out, just doesn’t feel right.

The problem is that the world runs on the Human System. The design of the world as it runs now, is held by the Human System. The Human System was taken over (this is what is meant by Human Enslavement) by Darkness which is all about suffering, pain and abomination. Do you see how the world is the way that it is?

Now Darkness has gone, but the damage, the forms that it built through the human systems, both as a vast system and individually, that damage, those systems and therefore that distorted human consciousness, it remains. And so, the patterns and paths continue.

Did you think those people out there doing those terrible things are the perpetrators? They’re not, they’re the greatest victims of Darkness – Darkness destroyed their direct access to Light – their Soul – and now they are puppets and nothing more. Yes, Darkness has gone from this Universe, however, the forms that it built continue to operate and drive the devastation you see in the world.

Part of those Dark driven patterns and paths include the ‘Raging at the Machine’ behaviours, or as it could be called, the ‘Feeding Back into the Machine’ patterns. It is the opposite of what needs to be done, to leave, to let go, detach, disengage from the Dark Tangle. The less you focus on and hold presence with what Darkness has generated, the less you are holding those forms in place. Just as importantly, the more you can heal and Return Home – where You in your highest state can contribute to the governing of the World.

It’s easier said than done, disengagement – easy to do it for a while, in fact it’s a relief! Until it gets too crazy, too difficult, too ‘in your face’ and you just can’t bare it anymore. This is important to clarify in your mine – this is because you have been running in the old patterns for a long time. There are forms built by Darkness that support that exact behaviour. Learning that not all of your emotions, your beliefs, including the righteous ones are Light founded is a massive eye-opener, and often very confronting to face. To battle against your own emotions, your own recognition of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and how to deal with it is difficult, at times impossible to overrule, however, it can be done, and is being done, and over time, you will move beyond the conditions of Dark Tangle/distortion you are in.

You are here to change the world, however, you won’t do that by 3D ‘Speaking Out’ methods. Keep working to disengage and align with Home. Keep moving meyond the Tangle.

In the deepest honour, Daniella.

The Landscape of Our World Is Altering

With the removal of Darkness (just to make clear – Darkness is a specific Consciousness that knows itself and sought power and control here – Darkness generated evil, distortion, and built strong and complex pathways to divert human consciousness into acts and beliefs that continue to play out in our precious world)…

Anyway, With the Removal of Darkness, some other changes have been made by God to support Humanity Home. There are certain beings in the Spirit World and Fae Realm (not all Fae of course) who have been deeply relied upon by Humans, in the past I have worked with and taught with these different beings but they have now left our Universe.

I will not mention who these two sets of beings are and understand that you will naturally transition away from working with them. Also understand that their leaving causes them only joy and peace.

One group are Light hearted, noble beings on a par with the Fae, who were tricked into coming here from another Universe by Darkness and have sought to do good for humanity whilst here – the understanding was that they would be helped home when the Ascension Journey came to a certain point.

The Other beings were specifically formed by God as a counter balance to the demonic forces Darkness was generating – so that humanity would always have absolute Light no matter what Darkness had brought forth. Now that Darkness is gone from here, so have these absolute forces of Light. This enables humanity to better experience their own Light with clarity and the Light of the Pathway Home.

All of this is good news, it heralds the ever deepening pathways Home to complete Light Consciousness and Authority. You have no cause for concern because even though they’ve left, you continue to experience them while you are adjusting to the new conditions – it is unlikely that you will realise the changing conditions – often, human consciousness doesn’t notice the changes, it merely adjusts to the new conditions. What matters most of all is that it is Light adjusting conditions to support Humanity Home.

In the deepest honour, Daniella.

Expanding From the Tightest Places

For a long time, it was very difficult to expand in consciousness, it could be done, but not by many. In recent years however, changes have been made, the first of many, that enables those who are ready to rise up, expand in consciousness, go deeper into the higher dimensions and realms, and access more information, awareness. Also, to heal more of the soul and the self, and all healing allows for more Light consciousness.

  • There are more expansion releases to be done.
  • There is more consciousness to be expanded into.
  • There is much more light, joy, love and fulfillment to ‘be’ of.

Sometimes, expansion requires letting go of old ideas and beliefs. Some of those conditions are hard fought for and much treasured and so it can take some time and marinating in greater truth in order to hear the light and un-cling from the old beliefs and concepts. For some of you, having placed yourself outside of safe havens of family, community and societal patterns, because they no longer fitted your ascending awareness, you have had to hold fast to your newly developing consciousness – so that in some ways the new replaced the old home. It can be very difficult to then come to terms with the idea that what you stepped into was just a stepping stone rather than the absolute Truth. Yet, that is what awakening is.

Having been crushed down in the smallest space, all of humanity interacting with each other in such limited consciousness for so long, at least the first stage of awakening involves stepping from one rigid set of beliefs to another more freeing set of rigid beliefs, and then as the light gently massages your battered and bruised consciousness, new, greater truths emerge that help you to step towards an ever expanding Truth, sometimes rewriting the very foundation Truths you had come to rely on.

With all of that, You Are Doing This – and it’s amazing and wonderful that you are. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to let go of some things, it’s understandable – I have yet to work with one individual on this journey who I don’t deem as Traumatised. You Are Sacred and Expanding in Consciousness and Returning Home. There is nothing left for you to do but Be On This Journey. Keep being present.

In the highest honour, Daniella.

I Exist Everywhere

The Human system includes anchors in fields of the World, of Human Consciousness and the Universe. That means that you are able to travel to different places within and throughout Earth and even throughout the Universe. It takes practice, development of skill and it helps to have support from High Level authority. What you’ll see and experience, may not look like that which is seen in 3D travelling, however, it is beautiful, deep and legitimate.

I have been to the depths of Uluru with the honour of sacred ceremony and friendship with those that are the Heart of this beautiful country. I have been to the core of the Himalayas and the beautiful beings I have met there have changed everything for me. I have been to so many places on and within Earth, throughout the Universe and beyond. I have spent much time in the realm of Universes working with the beings who hold authority over this Universe and beings who hold authority over All Universes.

We are seeing a huge kickback reaction as the Sacred Race of Earth known as Australian Aborigines (all races are Sacred, I speak this in honour) – have finally been able to bring about legal standing that says people no longer can climb our beautiful central rock, Uluru. This great system is so beautiful and deeply powerful – and the Aboriginal people who are guardians of this place ask that this sacred Being not be climbed. Those who rail against such a choice do not comprehend the Sacredness of Earth, nor of honouring the guardians’ choice. But I say to you, that you are able to visit any Sacred Place (or indeed any place at all) simply by bringing your consciousness to that specific place. Always, Always ask permission from the Guardians of these places first – remembering that you do have the right to be there, but it is important to honour these beings who watch over a Sacred Place and work with them to obtain permission.

I exist Everywhere and You have the tools to as well. If you’ve ever done distance healing on a place that has runaway natural weather issues occurring – drought, fire, flood, tornadoes or cyclones, etc, you bring your Presence to the place in order to do the work. This is very effective and so is travelling for Sacred Ceremony, or even just building your relationship with a Place. You Are Sacred, In honour, Daniella.

Cubed Thinking

A cube is something solid, stable, simple, clear and absolute – it is solid because it has six sides – making it complete and encased; it has a stable base, no matter which of it’s sides is used as the base; it is simple because it is reliable, each side has equal presence, stability and solidness to each other side; it is clear because it is so simple and absolute because it is reliable.

A cubed thought can be described as a solid, stable, clear and absolute thought. It makes sense, it’s reliable, you count on it and it supports the journey you are on, the life you are living, the thinking you are expanding into or are living with. A cubed thought is a powerful stepping stone if you remain separated from it.

There is a potential issue with cubed thinking – you can become encased within the cube. If the thought is enticing enough to you, if you are not careful, you can climb into the thought and become limited by it – you are in the cube and the walls of the cube are your boundaries. You can see this in black and white thinking, fundamentalism and any other locked-in, rigid thinking you notice.

Cubed ideas are clear ideas, ideas you rely on. They are stepping stones because they hold the ‘penny drops’, they support your awakening in some way, create those ‘aha’ moments. If you can realise that those ideas, thoughts (or books, teachers, courses, skills etc) may be short term or long term, but they are a tool, rather than the definition of you, then those cubed ideas remain useful. The difference between maintaining a separated consciousness from the journey of your thinking, is in recognising that the journey (and the cubed thoughts or steps you walk on) is not You, but the pathway to You. ❤ Daniella