These Times and The Human Race.

Whether you know it or not. Whether you believe it or not. This is a powerful time of change for the Human Race and for the World. This time was prophecised by cultures, races and spiritual leaders across the planet, throughout time as being the time of (so many different terms) the time Humanity returns Home. This Time.
For those who work as LightMasters in this time, we have seen the changes unfold – the changes in the Forms and Conditions of Earth, the World and Humanity. The waves rising upwards of masses of dark, old, distortion and madness – twisting and distorting the conditions of the World, knowing that there is so much more to come. Knowing that however terribly it appears, that Humanity will work it’s way beyond – just as it was prophecised to do.
This started in 2012 – and as someone who has worked as a Lightworker since 1997 (and before) I watched the changes unfold. I saw the transformations both in dark and light ways. I watched as the shift from 2012 to 2013 brought about a whole different condition, a whole different world, a whole different face for the Human Race.

This journey is long, and it goes deep. It has to. The distortion developed over thousands of years continues to reverberate through the Human Race and so the World. As Light warms the Human Form, so it stirs the distortions (oh so much distortion). As Light moves through Humanity and distortion screams, the Lit Up Human starts to see what is wrong, starts to awaken from a deep ancient slumber – and slowly disconnects from the many vines of distortion they’re entangled in.

There is Light at the end of this insane journey. There is a growing light as each Human who can choose light, begins to choose light – in places where there was only distortion before. Each human choosing Light – becomes strong as they separate from the distortion – like layers of unconsciousness – the awakening unfolds – over a long time, but it comes to be. The more who awaken, the faster all of humanity awakens. Until the world is governed once again by Humans in Full Light. That is a different world to anything you can imagine right now. That is a different human to anything you can imagine right now. The time is unfolding. You will know.
In deepest Honour, Daniella Breen

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