Australia Fires: Distortion vs Design

Australia Fires:Distortion is everywhere, on so many levels and with so many layers that it is going to take a bit of unraveling to become completely aligned with the authority with the systems Humanity is meant to Govern and the Homeful Joy of living in lives designed in Light Aligned Consciousness. Here is an aspect that is True of Earth Governance.

  1. It is your understanding of how to work with Light, consciousness, systems and you deliberate and conscious practice of that understanding, plus
  2. The increasing numbers of people gathering in this conscious state of authority, holding with one mind that will over-ride any distortion, and generate and sustain preferred conditions.

Seeing the bushfires across Australia – it is understandable to react or respond with pity, sadness, and dramatic emotions – nobody enjoys seeing or knowing that people and animals are suffering and have at best a long road of recovery ahead of them. This focus however, does not help them in the way. Instead….Instead – become aware of the conditions of the elements – if you tune in, you can experience their wildness, their dramatic states, and stand amidst that craziness (it is safe to do so) – in a state of Holding Calm. You will be aware of both, but you Hold for Calm. There are not words to teach you how to do this, however, it is in your Design to do so. The more I share it, the more you will know it and use it. I Hold. Daniella.

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