Letting Go of the Distortion

It gets difficult I know, to not engage, not respond, not rage about what you see going on in the world. It hurts to see people suffering, struggling, being harmed, being conned, tricked. It hurts to see so much abuse, greed and violation, and to just not speak out, not call them out, just doesn’t feel right.

The problem is that the world runs on the Human System. The design of the world as it runs now, is held by the Human System. The Human System was taken over (this is what is meant by Human Enslavement) by Darkness which is all about suffering, pain and abomination. Do you see how the world is the way that it is?

Now Darkness has gone, but the damage, the forms that it built through the human systems, both as a vast system and individually, that damage, those systems and therefore that distorted human consciousness, it remains. And so, the patterns and paths continue.

Did you think those people out there doing those terrible things are the perpetrators? They’re not, they’re the greatest victims of Darkness – Darkness destroyed their direct access to Light – their Soul – and now they are puppets and nothing more. Yes, Darkness has gone from this Universe, however, the forms that it built continue to operate and drive the devastation you see in the world.

Part of those Dark driven patterns and paths include the ‘Raging at the Machine’ behaviours, or as it could be called, the ‘Feeding Back into the Machine’ patterns. It is the opposite of what needs to be done, to leave, to let go, detach, disengage from the Dark Tangle. The less you focus on and hold presence with what Darkness has generated, the less you are holding those forms in place. Just as importantly, the more you can heal and Return Home – where You in your highest state can contribute to the governing of the World.

It’s easier said than done, disengagement – easy to do it for a while, in fact it’s a relief! Until it gets too crazy, too difficult, too ‘in your face’ and you just can’t bare it anymore. This is important to clarify in your mine – this is because you have been running in the old patterns for a long time. There are forms built by Darkness that support that exact behaviour. Learning that not all of your emotions, your beliefs, including the righteous ones are Light founded is a massive eye-opener, and often very confronting to face. To battle against your own emotions, your own recognition of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and how to deal with it is difficult, at times impossible to overrule, however, it can be done, and is being done, and over time, you will move beyond the conditions of Dark Tangle/distortion you are in.

You are here to change the world, however, you won’t do that by 3D ‘Speaking Out’ methods. Keep working to disengage and align with Home. Keep moving meyond the Tangle.

In the deepest honour, Daniella.

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