Soul Wounding

When people are shallow, or behave in shallow ways, or vicious, and behave in vicious ways, or disempowered and behave in powerless ways, it is an indication of strong soul wounding. When a severe trauma occurs, the soul can partially tear away from the person. Where the tear occurs, the wounding reflects the trauma. When the wounding is triggered, the person is operating from the raw wound instead of the infinite depth of the soul and the Light that flows there.

When you are aware of someone operating from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), understand that they are operating from a soul wound rather than their soul. Most people have some degree of soul wounding, for them, their wounding in the soul field can be healed. However, for some people, all they have is wounding, no soul, it has entirely torn away, and therefore, no direct access to light. Once upon a time these people were known as Dark Souls, but now they are known as Homeless Ones, because they have no home to return to, they cannot be healed.

In the time of Darkness, Darkness would occupy these wounded holes, called Gateways, in the soul field and build systems and generate populations of dark entities to operate them. The intention was always to enslave humanity and take over the World (which it did). As someone who has participated in and witnessed the shutting down of many systems and entity populations of darkness, I can tell you Darkness did an extremely thorough job.

For the past few years, we have been living in the Post Darkness Age – however most of the systems and even the populations of entities, built by Darkness, continue to operate and continue to be cleared by skilled technicians in Spirit (non human). There also continue to be humans, Homeless Ones, who were once puppeteered entirely by Darkness, and who are now operating based on what Darkness built into them, wiring, training, etc, driven by the assumption that Darkness remains. I remember seeing the shock and fear on the face of a Homeless One when I announced that Darkness was dead – (Darkness isn’t dead, it is just no longer allowed for here in this Universe) but I was speaking spontaneously to someone who had done some terrible things and it hit hard.

The wounding of those who continue to have soul connection, will need to have their soul wounding cleared and shut down to support their Ascension Home. You will be supported in this however, it is going to take time and will be occurring in a number of different ways.

Please, if you are ready, read this thoroughly. Understand that the awakening that is required for ascension includes the clear remembrance of what you have been through and how it all went down. When you are ready, be prepared to learn the Truths that have been temporarily lost or hidden from humanity for so long.

🙏 With the deepest honour and respect, Daniella.

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