Leaving the Tangle

Coming out of something Dark and Heavy is so very difficult. Not just because of the trauma but also because you’ve had to adjust to some very difficult circumstances -things you never thought you’d have to deal with become a daily part of your reality. It can take some time to heal, recover and re-adjust to normality. Learning to trust that things will go your way takes time. The same thing is true of leaving the Tangle, only much much bigger.

The Tangle is the great mess built by Darkness to keep humanity Down. The Human Race has the authority to design and run the World – in Light. Any individual Human being’s field is designed to operate their lives and contribute to the world overall – although the knowledge and skill required to utilise it has been largely lost in distortion. Darkness is a Consciousness that doesn’t have any fields of it’s own but has learned how to infiltrate and commandeer the Human Field for it’s own uses (Darkness wants to run the world). So Darkness developed the massive Tangle, nastier, larger, more complex and darker than most living people understand. We are now in the time of transcending the Tangle as part of the Ascension and this is what I am sharing consciousness of in this article.

The Tangle is not just the mess of within this life wounding and tangle, not even just those past life issues that require clearing, this was built over a long long time, and throughout the entire human race – in other words it will take a long time to come out of it, and to learn what is ‘normal’, to understand what it all means in day-to-day life and how to live the new/ancient way.

This is why I say, this is a marathon rather than a sprint. Because your awakening is yet to occur – the human race has started to tug at the layers of tangle but not one individual has completed their ascension… not one. Do not be concerned – you are not doing this alone, there is very high consciousness that is gently, firmly guiding humanity through this journey. I am speaking of Light at the level of God Authority. Some will reveal themselves when the time is right, most will work behind the scenes. All will walk patiently beside you through the steps and stages of this journey. Yes, it has already begun, but there are such wonderful and sometimes difficult processes to go and stages to ascend through – there is no way to describe them to you but it is coming together. What matters is this – there is no question here – Light is the Authority, Light is Love, and Light has everything in hand. At the same time it is Your Mastery that is coming to Fruition – so you will not be a passive observer in this journey, You are coming Home. 🙏🧚‍♀️ Daniella

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