Rising Through the Tangle

More and more of the human race is going to be stretched and pulled by the Ascension Motion. The magnetic pulling upwards towards the light, into higher consciousness. Tugging against the Tangle that Dark Consciousness built when no one was looking. There’s little left of it now, as a major Light process by the Authority of God removed the Core of it all. However, there is still some left – and as individuals rise, higher and higher, they will find they are tugging on threads of distortion and pain they did not know were there. As more of humanity reaches higher levels of light, new threads will be uncovered by all and will need to be dealt with individual as well as collectively. Don’t be concerned, the support will be there.

As all of this is occurring, you may begin to notice increasing levels of distortion that can no longer be explained by the usual brush off. Strange things happening, uncomfortable or even painful. Remain calm as you can, this is the Tangle – this is not the reality you deserve or would ever design for yourself, and it requires your attention in order to clear it.

At this point I say to you, the primary solution is – hold the light, whilst the dark mess reverberates in your life in whatever way. Remember the True Choice and stand with that as the Dark Design plays out and ultimately fades. There will be more support than that, but to realise this at this point is to have consciousness at hand that supports you when you start to notice happenings.

πŸ’—πŸ™ Daniella

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