When to Let Go of Someone

Several years ago, I had someone around me who was well-meaning but was not well. In fact, she was pretty infected with darkness, and had no capacity to heal it. I struggled with letting her go as she came across as very positive and upbeat. Finally, I asked the Teams to show me if it was best that I let her go. They showed me the very next day – it was kind of cataclysmic. She joined the call and was loud and disrespectful in Sacred Space, I could not mute her mic, she interrupted a discussion I was having with another woman, and just kept talking over the top of us. Okay, so I got the message.

I’d had a similar experience several years earlier with someone else. My point is, if you have someone around you who is behaving badly, abrasively, it can be a hint to let them go (particularly if this is a loud example of what they already do).

It is true that if you have someone in your life like that, abrasive, or unhealthy, there is a resonance equivalent in your system. There are people who have mastered segregating themselves from the noise they attract, but that is not the same as healing and recovering so that your frequencies are all beyond them. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with cutting someone loose who is not great to be around.

🙏💗 Daniella

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