Neural Pathways and Ascension

Neurons are the carriers of consciousness, information through your body. They exist and operate through your entire nervous system: the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) and the Peripheral Nervous System (throughout the body).

Neurons develop sets of patterns or pathways. These are the places where you do the same thing so regularly that it becomes a well worn pathway, or automatic. Neuron Pathways exist at all levels of thought and behaviour. Think about learning to walk vs walking and running from experience. One takes a lot of focus (and a few tumbles), whilst the other can be done with very little attention. Then if you were to become an athlete and get into training, the trainer will observe your walking, and determine any ways in which your patterns of walking are working against you as an athlete, and you will have to alter how you walk. This will again take a lot of focus to make and hold those alterations. The three states I’ve just mentioned have three different Neural Pathway conditions.

1. Learning to Walk – developing new Neural Pathway;

2. Walking with experience – well developed Neural Pathway; and

3. Altering your walking patterns – working against the developed pathway and rewriting it.

Neural Pathways develop for all kinds of thought and behaviour. Which is one of the points I am making in this article. That you can get into patterns of behaviour that are so strong, they develop neural pathways. Whenever one of those neural pathways is activated by something going on in your world, or by reading a book or watching a movie, (there can be so many ways to trigger a pathway), you will go automatically into the thoughts and behaviours developed in that Pathway. This can be helpful, such as walking or good study practices, or unhelpful patterns such as emotional responses like shutting down, losing your temper or people pleasing. The good news is, this can all be changed.

If you become aware of a pattern of behaviour, or ‘Reactive Behaviour’ that you are not happy about, there are several steps to changing it.

1. As much as you can, restore as much information about the behaviour from automatic, to Conscious – you do this by writing about it, figuring out what the individual components of the behaviour, the fears or sadness behind the behaviour, even the memories attached to the behaviour, including the original experience that kicked it all off (if you can find it). Really open it up so that the behaviour is no longer just automatic, but that you are consciously present with it as much as possible.

2. Work against the automatic nature of the behaviour. When you recognise that the Behaviour has been triggered (and when exploring it and journalling about it, you are effectively doing an autopsy of it, so it is wide open and that can mean it’s firing all over the place, in smaller ways), go against the automatic pull. Choose a different action to the reaction your pattern is pulling you towards. Initially, it doesn’t matter too much what you do, just that you are pulling against the pattern. As you continue to do this work, you can begin to explore what you wish to replace the old behaviours with. Even just jumping up and dancing or going for a walk, something completely different that breaks the pattern.

The second point to be made with these pathways, is that they exist not only in the physical body, but also in the different matrix systems of your Human Presence as well. You have several different fields that are uniquely yours and carry patterns developed by a lifetime of learned behaviour and programming from experience and interference from external sources. Learning to read these different matrices takes time and practice, but can be done, finding any damage and behavioural Pathways and clearing it takes development in skill and consciousness, but doing this work is a part of transcending the lower system and Ascension as a whole.

In the deepest honour, Daniella Breen

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