Light Workers and Authority

Lightwork. A lot of different kind of work comes under the broad banner of Lightworker. All of it is relevant and important, all of it involves increasing and stabilising light quotient in various ways. There is a hierarchy in Light Work, supported by a complex multi-level, multi-realm system of light beings based both within and beyond the Universe.

Humans hold a certain unique authority in regards to Lightwork being done on humans. A human must be present for Lightwork to be done. This is due to the Free Will design of this Universe. Work on human systems requires human approval. Understand that in order to work with Light beings, Light Technicians in the vast and complex systems of the Universe, including the systems of the Human Race, and of Earth, you must develop consciousness and then be aligned in authority with Light systems from beyond the human system. You can’t just wish it so, and few are able to develop the higher levels of authority. In fact, for some levels, only specific individuals, who came into this life with the authority already present (but not activated), will ever reach such levels of Lightwork.

I spoke of the complex Light System of Light Beings that hold the Lightwork ‘Industry’, (meaning organised and designed productivity to fulfil intentions), it is this system and the Lightbeings in their authority that will recognise your potential level of authority and design a program to support you into your purpose. They will guide you to the right training and teachers to help you on your way. Your spirit guides are a big part of that work.

There is so much more to share about in this subject, and as it is a core focus of this group (alongside ascension), I will be anchoring more consciousness about this.

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