Paradigm Shifting

Holding is a long term thing. It is what you choose for yourself, for the world. Sharing High Consciousness is the same. Essentially you are anchoring concepts from a more expanded paradigm. You can never be responsible for people expanding into new paradigms, it is their journey. But you can support them and expedite their flow. So you hold them in light by sharing consciousness, knowing that ultimately it is freeing and strengthening because the Truth is where the answers lie.

Holding changes life. It holds light where darkness has a stronghold. It holds light until Light Authority is restored. In humanity, all light authority will be restored.

In this Free Will Universe, Light designed the Human Race, but does not enslave or hold humans to choosing Light. It must be your choice, not just to choose Light, but to learn what that means. Humanity is buried deep in slumber for a long time. Awakening is slowly happening and this is good, but it’s like a needle in a haystack. We shift and expand into a greater paradigm and all of the pieces fall into place and we think, “Ah, this is it, the answers lie here!”. But over time we outgrow that paradigm as we expand, like a turtle outgrowing it’s shell, we struggle with the vulnerability of shedding what we knew, what was safe and comfortable and once empowering. It will unfold though. The journey of Ascension, the paradigm stepping, you open to the expansion and awakening of it all for one simple reason… You Choose Light! 🙏

In Honour, Daniella.

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