About Distortion

To try and explain distortion is difficult. Rather than the storyline flowing along step-by-step, static or gif-like packets of information are presented, sometimes like loud punches, and they come with emotional influencers. They are completely believable simply because we assume that whatever presents to our face is reality. We can’t imagine that if someone tells us something to our face that it could be distortion. Understand, I am not talking about them lying, I am talking about reality being distorted so that what is coming from that person is not what they would choose to say in their undistorted consciousness. There is so much to say and share about this subject but it’s not an easy subject to explain, or to convince. What I will say is this…. Distortion is really happening, and when you grasp that it and let go of the concrete 3D concept of reality, you are making things easier on yourself. Understanding that Ascension includes leaving the condition of distortion. Forever. If you don’t recognise distortion in your personal life or the world in general, you may do someday. Either way, be at ease because as ascending human beings, you are on the move beyond distortion

In Honour, Daniella

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