In The Rough

In this article, I want to focus on dealing with being in the Rough of the Ascension Journey. There is a definite way to go about this journey that both accelerates it and makes it easier – not that it’s easy, not that it’s quick!

The first thing I want to maintain, as I often do, is that the Ascension Journey is a marathon. Expect it to be. Pace yourself and plan for the long haul by developing skill, tools and consciousness that will help you along the way. Here are some suggestions of what is critical to your self management during this journey.

  1. Build your awareness and skill with your field. This isn’t going to work unless you buckle down and do it consistently. Do the work daily, even twice daily. The focus you need is intention, commitment and imagination (remember that imagination is NOT make-believe!). Work such as auric field shielding and chakra clearing and balancing is excellent in getting you into your field. Pay attention because you should start feeling it after a while.
  2. Heart Alignment: There is a light in the center of your heart – go to it, enter into it, be still, peaceful and enjoy the utter stillness of this beautiful place. The more you go there, the deeper you can go, and the more it informs your state of mind and field.
  3. Surround yourself, your home, your Facebook page, etc, with beautiful images, artwork, photographs, words, ideas. If you find the Facebook feed is too anxious, angry, negative, distressed, then build up your own page and just go there. Also, if you belong to a group or specific pages that you love, attend and participate in those places regularly.
  4. Nature. Nature is healing. Go there. Sit bare skinned on the ground, lie, on the Earth be it beach sand or dark soil and allow your fields connection with the soil to balance you out on all levels. It will heal you.
  5. Commune with Like-minded peaceful friends. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets to help level each other out. Enjoy those who get you.
  6. Develop your relationship with Light Guides. If you don’t know who yours are, Talk to your Heart Light and wait for the return answers. It has great consciousness to share with you. It is, after all, you at the most high level of light.

There are so many tools and means of holding your light in turbulent conditions. Build your skill with these tools and others that work for you, so that when times get rough, you can count heavily on your deepening mastery to smooth the way.

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