Empath: Psychic Presence

There is much written about the Psychic Empath. That individual who is so psychically sensitive that they are able to pick up on others very easily, their feelings and their ideas. I have been teaching about Empathic sensitivity for a long time and in this article I want to focus on what an Empath is in greater detail.

If you identify as an Empath,

  • You may feel others feelings and even thoughts almost as readily as you do your own;
  • You may become overwhelmed in a place where there’s a lot of people, such as a shopping center or a pub;
  • You might quickly lose your point of view when in the company of someone else with an opposing point of view, and then regain your point of view once you’ve separated from their presence;
  • You may find that your compassion has too much power over you when you are around someone who behaves badly but you feel their isolation or loneliness or even just why they are behaving the way they do;
  • You may even have a sensitivity to Earth Herself, earthquakes, massive storms and other dramatic natural events.
  • You may suffer from headaches, body pain, depression, fear and anxiety, overwhelm, and more as a direct result from being so vulnerable to the massive downloads of psychic information bombarding your field.

Sound like you? Good, read on.

There is much you can do to reduce the suffering side of being an Empath and once you have found what works for you, you can build your psychic strength until the Empathic State becomes a powerful tool.

Let’s start with some critical primary information. It is the lack of understanding of Psychic Presence that causes the problems with Empathic sensitivity. Once upon a time, every individual was raised with a much clearer understanding of psychic presence, their field and how to manage it – It was not always exclusive to specific individuals, but this time has been long forgotten. Nowadays people are raised with a lack of awareness of the complexity and depth of the human energy system. This system is a highly tuned multi-level system of portals and fields and requires your consciousness, presence and skill to maintain it. Because that hasn’t been happening, individuals are going through life without protection, clearing, strong definition of their field and therefore their daily life.

When you are so open, you are vulnerable to others, you are open to all kinds of emotional and mental noise from the rest of the world, and over time, you can lose your sense of self definition, your field becomes misshapened and blurred and the clarity between yourself and everyone degenerates. So primarily, this needs to be rebuilt. There are a number of ways to do that.

  1. Mindfulness. Spend time with yourself – journal about what you believe in, what you know to be true, what you hold as your choice for you, about the world. This isn’t about arguing with others, it’s not about convincing others to agree with you, it’s about becoming stronger and stronger about holding the clarity of You. If you are around others or reading others material, and you find yourself blurring, stop what you are doing and ask yourself the question – is this about hearing an idea that changes your mind or are you picking up on another individuals passion and being swayed by that? Depending on the answer, re-align with your truth and get strong!
  2. Define your field. Imagine your auric field is shaped like a giant egg – broader at the base, pointier at the top, wider than your arms stretched out either side of you. See it as perfectly shaped and firm. Now using your imagination, surround it with beautiful vibing colours of gold and white, purple and on the outside of it all, mirrors reflecting outwards, whilst within, stillness and peace. imagine any noise, and everyone else, is outside of this amazing field, and you are within, in a field of peace and calm. This energy work starts of as playful and not necessarily too strong, however the more you do this, daily, the firmer it becomes and has real impact on your field.
  3. Cut cords. When you interact with others, whether serving customers or talking to a friend or family member, you can develop cords of energy connecting the two of you. Every day, those cords should be cut. Call upon Archangel Michael and imagine his light in front of you. He wields a great sword of light that can cut through cords quickly. Ask to be shown any cords between someone you spent time with today. Imagine them, they may be thin or very thick, depending on how long they’ve had to develop. Say to Archangel Michael, “Please cut these cords now!” He will slice through the cords and no harm will come to either of you. This is powerful work and can be done repeatedly for you with anyone you think of or spend time with. Even people you no longer spend time with can have cord connections that need to be cut.

There is so much more to be shared around this subject. I shall continue to share tools that can help you become stronger and more stable. My recommendation is to work with these tools to build your strength and deepen your understanding of Psychic Presence.

Daniella Breen has been mentoring those on the ascension journey since 1997. To learn more, see her site https://sacredheartpriestess.wordpress.com/

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