Empaths: The Sensitive Ones

Empaths are people whose sensitivity is much greater than that of the average Joe or Josie.

Empaths are people who:-

  • often get confused between their own feelings and other peoples,
  • can look at a person and tell what they are feeling and experiencing,
  • often have difficulty being in crowded places like shopping centres or pubs,
  • attract energy vampires to them (people who drain your energy) and
  • can sometimes feel natural and man-made disasters before they happen,

If you are an Empath, you probably struggle with many aspects of daily life. One of the major problems with Empaths is that they have a tendency to take on other people’s emotions and issues as though they were their own. When you feel other people’s feelings, you often don’t realise that the emotions are coming from outside of yourself. They all tend to feel as though they are your emotions which can be very confusing and often overwhelming. After a while of accumulating emotions both yours and others, you can get very sick. To move beyond these difficulties, some new Life Skills need to be introduced and implemented.

There are a number of ways to counteract the problems of being an Empath. Many of them have to do with defining and clarifying who you are and what you believe. The first and most important action to take is to get focused on your thoughts and beliefs. As you come to a much clearer, more conscious awareness about who you are and what you believe compared to what others believe, you will widen the gap between yourself and other’s emotions. Even if you do take on another’s feelings, it will be easier to recognise them as not belonging to you. Once the recognition is made, you can easily let go of the other persons ‘stuff’.

Another set of activities that is very important in clearing up the empathic difficulties, is that of cleansing and protecting your energy field. There are many, many ways in which to do this, in this article I will offer just a few.

For cleansing the energy field, I recommend with every shower that you take, you imagine that the water is super powerful, sparkling, cleansing energy that flushes all over and through your body, easily washing away any build up of negative energy. At the same time whilst having the shower, in your mind, call out to Archangel Michael (the defender and protector) to come and use his powerful sword to swipe through any and all cords all over your body, that are draining your energy. These two activities will easily release great amounts of negative energy.

For protecting the energy, I recommend that every morning you call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to wrap his wings around you, sealing and protecting you from any and all negative energy throughout the day. I also suggest that using your imagination, you surround yourself with a beautiful sparkly mirrorball, that instantly reflects all negative energy away from you.

Simply by performing these four exercises daily and working on defining who you are and what you believe, you can make a real difference to your experiences in this life. After a while of doing that, you can even start to open up to the gifts of being an empath, such as having a greater level of insight into people’s behaviour and their intentions. Being an Empath truly is a wonderful gift and you can experience it as such with a bit of healing work.

Daniella Breen is a Light Master and Ascension Mentor and Trainer who has worked in this field since 1997. If you want to find her, look here: https://sacredheartpriestess.wordpress.com/

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