If You Feel Heavy…

We are in the great surges of ascension these days, no one is exempt, even those who believe they’ve ascended have not, instead they are ‘ascending’. Your human presence, your body and daily life is the tiniest tip of a massive iceberg of soul presence. Your soul presence is supported by a great system of spirit guides and more and the motion that it is going through as waves of light ripple through long-forgotten realms have great impact on your life far beyond that which you remember. I am telling you that much of what hits you and rocks your world you then forget in the next second, never realising that moments prior you were slammed and rocked from pillar to post. So, for this reason, I tell you to be gentle with yourself and others as much as possible.

If you are feeling heavy, or hard, or angry, or confused, or exhausted, world weary, bone weary, done in, enraged, fearful, depressed, hyped up, just rest. If you are able to, just rest. You are going through so much more than you have conscious access to. You are being blasted with ancient soul garbage as it gets broken up and cleared out. Forgive yourself that you aren’t as quick as you used to be, not as sharp, or life is not as great as you’d hoped. This isn’t the end, it’s mid journey and mid journey in ascension can be rough. It’s rougher still when you can’t see why you are failing, or feeling the way you do. Or when the exhaustion, doesn’t feel like your average exhaustion, instead it’s vague, something you can’t put your finger on. Resting helps. Not that it fixes the problem, the journey is still the journey, however it is being kind to yourself, and acknowledging with real-time payoffs, that what you are going through is rough and that you require real care.

I have often said that this is a marathon, not a sprint. That the state of your system is more that of a jalopy rather than a fine Porsche or Merc. So go easy on yourself and each other. You shall come home. When the Great Heart shows, all will move more easily then. That is coming home soon.

In the deepest love, Daniella

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